3 Quirky Zoom Party Ideas

We hear you fam. Your exhausted sighs after another zoom meeting. Our ships sailed fairly well until we realized our November plans might after all take place in Zoomscape. Let’s strip off our diplomacy and say it. Pretending to be happy during happy hours isn't happy anymore. No birthday boy wants another zoom party.


But we got your back. We know how to have proper fun. Get your party hats out! Here are some out of the box online party ideas.


Brocades, suits, ties, velvetine gowns, and felt-tip hats. Sure, costume hunting is fun. But how would you spot the glass shoe on-screen? Fake mustaches aren’t fun when your screen buffers.

A smooth alternative would be a creepy glow-in-the-dark-party. Here is how you go about it.

a) Gather your friends and choose your look wisely.

b) There are quirky, affordable neon led masks that portray a different facade from Marshmello to skeletons. These are cool, easily wearable props that come in a variety of luminescent colors. Pick one quality characteristic of you or the role you play in your gang. For instance, you can be:

 The posh diplomat 

EL Wire Neon LED Bow tie

The sinister satan of the gang

 EL Neon purge mask       

The DJ dude            

Marshmello Neon Mask

The tall, skinny horror freak 

Neon skeleton mask

The last-minute lecture nerd                    

EL Neon LED Goggles                        


c) You can have a set of clues pertaining to each role to make life easier. They can be as simple as clues on the Zoom chatbox. Or if you wish to turn the atmosphere up a notch, you can order a small LED Lightup box with rearrangeable letters and place it in the frame.

 DIY Cinema LED letter light up box                      


The special (utterly baffled and slightly creeped out) birthday boy shall guess whos-who.


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Change your Zoom name before you enter.
  2. Make sure your lights are off.
  3. You can giggle all you want. But make sure you are muted.
  4. Assemble before the birthday boy to ensure a good scare

You can customize this idea to suit your need, Costume ideas are endless. Surf online to unearth more cool, sinister looks. To pay tributes to this season, you can whip up some pumpkin spiced latte and throw a Halloween Party. 



A virtual party is incomplete without a virtual gift. A physical gift might go through unexpected delays. For a smarty-pants friend,  the shape, and size of the box might give a teeny bit away.

Virtual gifts preserve the spontaneity of the moment. You can have the person on Zoom, hit send, and surprise them. Innovative virtual gift ideas are raging among the community today. You name the mood, we have a gift.

For instance, if you looking hunting gift ideas for him/ her for an anniversary gift-

You can get them a star chart that captures the stars at the moment you met. We see the same sky, even miles apart. Stars, in a way, bind our souls. So what better virtual gift could there be? Watch them get overwhelmed live. Do not forget to hit the record button.


Virtual background ideas are plenty. Why simply have them in the background when you can use them to break the ice and get the party started. If your group is large, you can host a poll to see who rocks the best zoom background. It shall be a legacy, The crowned winner gets to have special perks like the free pass to be late to the next 5 meetings. (Trust us, there isn’t a better reward)

If you want to include a more real-time, classic element, you can ditch virtual backgrounds and use your own bedroom walls to make a statement. This has a homely feel to it and keeps people busy in a nice way. You can use fairy lights, LED lightboxes, or some very quirky photo frames. You can use them to-

a) Set the Mood:

         LED Stars Curtain  

b) Make a point: 

Best friends dog frame

It’s two birds with one stone. Not only shall you have fun at the Zoom party, but your bedroom shall look aesthetic once the party is done.

You can adopt these ideas, tweak them as you like, and host one FUN Zoom party. Let us know about the party innovations you come up with.


And remember, if you ever are out of ideas, Jholu’s got your back ;)


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