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School has always been fun to get back to but sadly for the past 2 years, students haven’t felt the adrenaline for the same. COVID has taken a toll on everyone’s physical and mental health. But going back to school can still be the same if you continue gifting like you used to, right? Back to school gifts have always been quirky, cute stationery. Gifting never goes out of style and since we are adopting a new normal, back to online school gifts seems a great alternative. Jholu has a gift for all kinds of students and their unique ways of learning.  


There’s always this one overachiever in every class. Online or offline they just know everything. They are the class’s highlight because every teacher knows and likes them and the students run to them for all the important notes and markings. 

  • Add a little bit of quirky when you get this highlight, a highlighter as a gift. A Macaroon Highlighter Pen sounds like a great idea. It is both useful and different. 

    Macaroon Highlighter Pen

  • Stationary enthusiasts look for pretty, useful, and sustainable products every time they go out to the store. For this highlight of the class kind of student, a Unicorn Highlighter Pen will be an apt present. It has both, a cute body and multiple colors, every student’s dream come true pen. 

    Unicorn Highlighter Pen (1 Pen)


These kinds of students are those who make notes like ideal students. But what’s different is that they’ll have notes of every conversation and every gossip in the class. You ask for tea, they spill it. Hence, No(te)sy students. 

  • Although they’re gossip bees, noting down the important things is essential. Get them the A5 Notebooks For Millenials, with some really cool covers and savage quotes. 

    A5 Notebooks For Millenials

  • Apart from some notebooks, an adorable pen and diary set would be a great gift for them. Get your hands on the Unicorn Pen & Diary Set and we are sure they’ll find it awwdorable.

    Unicorn Pen & Diary Set 




Organizing helps in decluttering the mess in our heads. Hence students tend to over organize or stay disorganized. But what come may, this category of student always tends to keep their supplies and stuff in one place. 

  • For them organizing their week and being able to keep their things in one place would mean a lot. Getting them a Weekly Wall Organizer will be one of the best decisions ever! 

    Weekly Wall Organizer (Mon-Fri)

  • No one likes dog ears on their books, especially the ones who love to organize their day like some sort of expert planner. For them, a cute bookmark would be a great back-to-school gift. What will help it to stand out is the quirkiness. A Cute Cat Butt Bookmark is sturdy and useful. 

    Cute Cat Butt Bookmark (Grey)



Class clowns, online or offline always make us laugh with their funny ways and eccentric jokes. Their stationery products hence should stand out too.

  • Stationery products can be one of the best ways to showcase your humor. A 3D BTS Cap Shaped Pouch would be one quirky gift. Imagine seeing the Cap Shaped Pouch on your screen on a boring class morning, that’d crack you up, right? 

    3D BTS Cap Shaped Pouch

  • Although Groot is one of the cutest Marvel characters, he can surely be a quirky gift product. A 3D Groot Stationary Holder Flowerpot qualifies for a thoughtful, quirky gift. 

    3D Groot Stationary Holder Flowerpot



This student always owns one of the best kinds of stationery and it is the fanciest of them all. Getting a gift for them is a task because they don’t like the basic pens and diaries and stationery owned by the rest. 

  • A 3D Unicorn Sipper is one of the fanciest products one can own. Gifting an aesthetic gift like that would just make their back-to-school experience a lot better. 

    3D Unicorn Sipper (1 piece)

  • Basic pens aren’t their style. Their style is fancy and quirky. Just to fit in their list of perfect, we have the Flamingo LED Pens. it comes in a set of 3 and a super affordable price. This is the dream pen of many and you can be the one to fulfill it. 

    Flamingo LED Pens (Set Of 3)


Back to school can always be fun but choosing a gift maybe is tedious. But Jholu has tried to make that easier for you too. Choosing a gift according to the category your friend fits in makes it relatively easier, right? 

Stationery is one of the most essential items when we think of school and adding a dash of quirk to it just makes it so much better. And who doesn’t love some cool products, they always make one smile and make them happy, and somewhere makes online classes bearable. So, add to your cart all the extraordinary products we have to offer!


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