The people under the sign of Cancer are said to be intuitive, emotional, protective, and sensitive. They have an understanding personality and are people you can always rely on. They’re ruled by the moon which starts from 21st June to 22nd July, they’re generally very creative. They surely have traits that are poles apart, it makes us question our gifting abilities. They are like the Rachel of the gang, who may return the gifts if they don’t like them. Cancerians are one of the moodiest zodiac signs but you know if you get their traits right, you may end up being the coolest friend they’ve ever had! We’ve curated a list of gifts that suit best for every personality trait of Cancerians.


Cancerians are believed to be very intuitive and have a strong belief in the sense of healing. One of the best ways to find peace and make peace with oneself, the vibe around us plays a very important role.

  • Lights can always set the mood right. With their subtleness and source of goodness, gift them LED Bottle cap Fairy Lights. The smile on their face would be brighter than these pretty lights too.
  • Ambiance and aesthetics go hand in hand and can calm one’s nerves. Get them a Dream Catcher with LED Lights. Their spiritual and intuitive side will love it!



They’re very caring and sensitive people hence try to find comfort in anything and everything that makes them feel home and cozy. Hence, their love for vintage is justified.

  • While gifting them, being cautious is the key. Some gifts look vintage and that in itself is comforting. The Harry Potter Quartz Watch hence just fits this category. This pocket watch is something that they’d cherish and appreciate.
  • We don’t need any occasion to appreciate them but when you get an opportunity, you should make the most of it. With a dash of vintage and loads of classy, get them this you’re my sunshine music box. The warmth this will give them will be unmeasurable.



Imagination is the best nation to be in. Well because there are no rules, no laws, and what is more comfortable than that for a Cancerian? They’re imaginative and open-minded.

  • Imagination makes us think of the epitome of grace and magic, the unicorn. The ones belonging to the sign of the moon are dreamy and a Unicorn Hanging Lamp is the ideal gift for them. Innocence runs in their veins and a gift like that will have them grin ear to ear.
  • Being imaginative brings with it a wave of creativity. To support this creative mind, a quirky, creative gift set is all you need. Get them these adorable capsule highlighter pens. They come in a set of 6 but will give more than a couple of sets of ideas to them.



Accessorizing is an essential need while dressing up. Cancerians take that deal very seriously. To present them with a beautiful, quirky yet authentic accessory is perfect.

  • They’re one of the most organized people you’ll come across. They’re particular about their belongings hence Pink Retro Owl Purse would be a great gift for them to carry and flaunt wherever they go! And every time they step out, they take a part of you with them.
  • Bracelets and necklaces just add more glam to their look. An accessory that carries great meaning and will make their dress-up game strong is the Snitch Necklace and Bracelet Set. As we know the Snitch and Cancerians share the trait of sensitivity too, so doesn’t this just sound exemplary! 

These gifts are curated for the different traits but above all, it is for the one you love! Cancerians can be enigmatic and hard to read but getting to be their friend is one of the best feelings ever. It’s difficult to settle for a gift which just suits their personality and enigma but won’t you agree it is worth it? This water element is genuinely very loyal and understanding, so showing that you care will only make their hearts warm. Let Jholu help you add the best of the list to his Jhola aka your cart!

Also, a very happy zodiac birthday to all the Cancerians!

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