Best Rakhis To Get This Rakshabandhan 2021

Rakshabandhan is one of the only festivals when siblings stop their daily banter and shower love on one another. 2021 has been a difficult year for all of us. So many of us are far from our loved ones and on this auspicious day, being away from your frenemy hurts so bad. Presents are just a way to show how much you love and care for this one person, whom you annoy the most otherwise. A sibling bond is an entirely different kind of love. For this forever love-hate, friend-enemy, on-off relationship, gifts are more than just souvenirs. Since we believe that Rakshabandhan is not just for the brother-sister bond, we have got a wide variety for all the siblings out there!

PS: There’s no rule book to love but you can always have a quirky way of loving them.



Vintage love can just not age. Among siblings, if there’s one from the ’90s, they’re likely to talk about their childhood as the only time they enjoyed their lives fully. They keep saying how they were busy making memories rather than filling them.

  •     Tying a quirky-cool Rakhi on their wrist is a must. What’s better than tying their 90’s love to their wrist. Get them a 90s Bro Modern Rakhi (also note, just like how bro isn’t always for friend-zoning someone, bro isn’t brother either)

    90s Bro Modern Rakhi

  •     The most vintage and loved gifts are music boxes. And nothing can beat The Beatles, right? The Beatles Let it be Music Box is just the ideal gift you’re looking for.

    The Beatles Let it be Music BoxThe Jholmaal Store

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Food is the only food for the soul. If you’ve not fought with your sibling over food, then there’s a lot you’re missing out on. Finishing the ice cream, you bought together slowly just to make them jealous when they’re done with theirs or stealing the last slice of pizza always.

  • Food can never go wrong, neither can an I’m Broing it Modern Rakhi McDonald’s is one place where all the food fights have been witnessed and this Rakhi will simply remind both your siblings about those.

    I'm Broing It Modern Rakhi

  • A quirky gift to show how big of a foodie they just fit here, doesn’t it? For such foodies, a Pizza Queen Lapel Pin Badge is what makes a crazy, suitable gift.

    Pizza Queen Lapel Pin Badge



On or off-screen, out of all the siblings, there’s always this one who loves to play. Not just play random games on the internet or some game which all the kids play. These are the gamer kind of people. They have got a cool aura that they carry and to match that, you have to get your hands on the cool Rakhis we’ve for such siblings!

  • The one thing these clumsy beings can control is their video game controller. Well, jokes apart, won’t they be the happiest to have a Gaming Controller Modern Rakhi tied to their wrist. That’s a great gift too.

    Gaming Controller Modern Rakhi

  • Are your siblings also the ones who stay up all night to watch some random 11 players play on the field or are they normal? If they’re anything like we mentioned, they’re the crazy football lovers and Football Bhai Modern Rakhi will brighten their mood just like when their favourite team wins the match at 5 am and they scream like crazy.

    Football Bhai - Modern Rakhi



Appreciating each other just doesn’t sound right. Siblings don’t have the normal way of showing love. They either over love or don’t love at all. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not proud of you or don’t want to appreciate you. To curb the awkwardness that comes with praising, we have got you covered.

  •     Appreciate them like no other by tying the Born to be awesome Modern Rakhi and telling them for once how blessed you’re to have them. Trust us, it isn’t that difficult even when it sounds so.

    Born To Be Awesome Modern Rakhi

  •     Add a dash of sassy to the way you love by presenting them with the You’re Doing Great Lapel Pin Badge. It is cute, quirky, and lively.

    You're Doing Great Lapel Pin Badge



Teasing your sibling never goes out of style and it shouldn’t either. Bringing up stories from earlier when you ask them to do you one favour is evergreen too. It’s just so satisfying to annoy your sibling like no other.

  •     There’s always a cry baby who gets their way out of everything by showing their crocodile tears. To tease them about it, the Baby Bro Modern Rakhi will do the job of pulling their leg.

    Baby Bro Modern Rakhi

  •     Some just have this absurd habit to make one wait. For such siblings a watch is an ideal gift, right? But you know what’s even better, teasing them about it. An Always Late Bro Modern Rakhi is made just for them.

    Always Late Bro Modern Rakhi


Siblings may always fail to show how much they love each other because it doesn’t always come naturally to them. Gifts and presents are just a way of showing them that, as we mentioned. Making faces smile and someone’s day brighter is all that we want. The WWE moves practiced on each other or having a long rant/gossip session or discussing how every guy is not a fit match for your sister, these are just some common, funny things you do right?

Even amid the fights and arguments what always remains is the affection and warmth. The way you care for one another is unbeatable and to show that and to make them feel special get one of these modern rakhis and just do it!

Happy Rakhi ’21! 

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