Warm Gifts To Break The Ice

November is here and winter is around the corner too. Amid the dusky evenings and breezy air, winter peeps in like a kid hiding behind the curtain and giggling. It’s the time of the year when hoodies come out of the corners of your closet and make you feel cozy and warm. November borns are used to the cold and are usually winter lovers. For such snuggly beings, Jholu brings to you the perfect warm list for winter 2021. Cold is great when it is limited to being the weather outside. So to show the warmth and affection you carry for your loved ones, this is the list you must’ve been looking for.


Hanging out with a friend without gossips just feels incomplete. No matter how much one says that gossip doesn’t interest them are lying to you and well to themselves. For such much-needed gossip sessions, we have the perfect gifts. 

  • Hot coffee, cold breeze, and the perfect company. This summarises the bucket list we have in mind for an ideal winter break. To make this perfect moment even more perfect, get the 3D Unicorn Star Mug for them. It’s durable and just perfect for such sessions.  

    3D Unicorn Star Mug

  • If it happens to be one of those snuggly days with your loved one, wouldn’t you want to share a perfect mug of hot chocolate and just be there in the moment? For such a day, we have the perfect Mr & Mrs. Mug Set for you and your loved one.  

    Mr & Mrs Mug Set (Matte finish)


Winters are synonymous with fashion in our dictionary. Be it your overcoat or hoodie (or a stolen hoodie), it is always in style and we don’t want you to go out of style this winter 2021. We secretly hope you’re a Potterhead, but it is totally fine if you’re not. Because fashion needs sense, not references. 

  • The Gryffindor Scarf and the Slytherin Scarf have such vibrant colours that wearing them would just make people turn their heads around. It gives you warmth and a comfortable feeling. 

    Gryffindor Scarf inspired from Harry Potter

    Slytherin Scarf inspired from Harry Potter


Music is the language of love. Whatever you feel can be conveyed using music. It just sets the vibe to enjoy company by oneself or with someone around. For such occasions and during this time of the year, we have just the perfect music boxes you’d be looking for. 

  • As the saying goes, “Winter is coming”, we take it in the literal sense too. With winter comes a lot of things but to set them aside and to focus on the good requires peace and time. For such peaceful evenings and a cozy mood, the Game of Thrones Music Box just fits perfectly.

    Game of Thrones Music Box 

  • When the clock strikes midnight and the calendar shows 1st November, that’s when the holiday season starts. The tunes of “It’s the season to be jolly…” fill in our ears. To exaggerate the holiday vibe, the Merry Christmas Music Box is a must-have. 

    Merry Christmas Music Box


What is better than your own company? To stay home in your furry quilt, binge-watching some show that comforts you. That’s a perfect winter plan. And on top of it, these gifts we’ve listed down for you will make this time simply perfect for you.

  • Self-care involves a lot of patience and less planning. To achieve both and some warm dewy feeling in the cold winter mornings, you have to get the 3D Planet Lamp Humidifier. It is impressive both in looks and working.

    3D Planet Lamp Humidifier 

  • Even on those self-care days, you always need the vibe around you to be perfect. We have an adorable-looking product that can be used as a decor and a lamp and we are sure it fits in your checklist because who can say no to the Unicorn Hanging Lamp? Get your hands on it as soon as you can. 

    Unicorn Hanging Lamp

Gifts themselves are warm enough to melt a cold heart. These winter months all the more add to the dilemma one has to what to get their loved ones on their special day. We have got you covered just like how you’d want to be on a breezy night where the gush of cold wind caresses your face. Winter is a time of darkness with a little light and a lot of hope. We, at Jholmaal, wish to give you that hope and warmth through our products, specially curated for you. Fill your Jholas and enjoy the holiday vibe. 

Happy Winter and Happy Holidays ‘21!

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