Cheap ways to decorate your bedroom (1/2)

With moodboards and palettes 

Bedrooms are our very own personal style space. We spend one-third* of our time behind the bedroom doors. You might be a wild wood spirit at heart or a lover of class and elegance. You might be a Potterhead or a GoT fan. Your room should reflect your heart. Sometimes that is just what is needed to drive you.


If you do not know where to begin, we have just the perfect handbook. Refer to the mood board below and assemble your den, piece by piece.

*numbers not subject to quarantine in the interest of the reader

 1. Boho-Chic:

 Dreamy with a hint of class. Boho Chic bedrooms define the bright-eyed spirit that you are. Your independence lends you intelligenc- your room should hence be a confluence of culture, creativity, and class

Opt for clean, muted walls-  Pristine white, earthy browns, pistachio greens, and hints of pale violets and pinks.

The elements should add to the exotic aura you wish to enunciate.

  • Fairy Lights and Bottle Art: Add fairy lights to the canopy of your bed. Glass bottles with coins, memorabilia, and tiny lights tastefully arranged lends magic.
  • Indoor Plants: Bring in lots of indoor plants. Paint the pots yourself with geometric, cultural patterns. Small ferns, Bamboos, and cactus sit well on your study desk.



If you are willing to take it a step further, purchase plush rugs for the floors and headboards. Heap your bed with hand-spun quilts with tassels. Add small mirrors on the walls so they swirl the light about gracefully.


2. Pop-Art:

Sometimes all we need is an escape. To somewhere where dragons snort fire through nostrils and wizards swish their wands. It shows your capability to believe, and the potential to create. There are a lot of fun ways to go about this.


Variable. Pick a niche in the movie/ book you like.

-For instance, if you are a Ravenclaw,  opt for blue and bronze. Incorporate them in tones and add dark bookshelves. You need open windows to let in the wind and stars to feed your intelligence,  There is a reason Ravenclaws occupy the Astronomy tower,

- If you are a Disney darling, then opt pick a movie’s colour scheme. Typical ones include shades of dusty pink, violets and blues, with splashes of primary yellows and greens.


  • Vinyl Wall Decors: These are statement pieces that you can use to characterize your wall. They can be a crest, emblem or dialogue. If you are a bunch of friends in a room, then go innovative. You can be Moony, Wormtail, Prongs and Padfoot!
  • Collectibles: The tiniest detail in the smallest of objects establishes class. Bobble-heads and lighters are good starters. (Try a dank Joker bobble head or an iron man fist lighter. They are trending show-off piece)
  • Music and Melodrama: Music is a big part of fandoms. There is magic in themes that gets you going. Be it ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ from HP Universe or ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen, it should echo through your room. No, don’t panic, music systems are costly, we know. Opt for a music box. It adds to the aesthetic too.
  • Lights: Lights define the essence of your room. You can purchase fleeting fairy lights for disney vibes or a 3D Superhero Hologram light that will let you read your comics late into the night.


3. Spirited and Spontaneous:

You cannot spend one year without backpacking into the hillocks. And your room should look sprawling, no matter the space and hold your reckless spirit. 


Passion with a bowlful of sunshine. Opt for bright colours that pop out. Orange,  yellow and green spell the free, earthy spirit that you are. You can use patterned wallpapers that sport rotund, bold designs. Do not clutter your room, you might feel trapped. Light drapes and white windows shall complement your dynamicity.           


  • Maps and Planners: Cover one wall with a world map. Get some thumbnails and mark those places you want to fly to. There are more convenient designs where you can scratch the places you have flown to. Get a scratch-on-th-go-map for your wall. You are good to go.
  • Polaroids: What did you do to those 5000 pictures you took on your last hike? All in a box, up in the attic? Clear those cobwebs, bring those boxes down. Clear some space and hang the photos in a merry queue. There are photo-clip LED fairy lights if you wish to evoke the ‘traveller-from-the-other-realm’ vibe.
  • Indoor Plants: Indoor plants with quirky pots help you get the outdoor aura within. You shall never feel trapped. Moreover, watering plants is a good stress-buster and can be especially helpful in quarantine.
  • Add a center-piece: It is often mistaken that travel bugs are rogue, loud and lack finesse. But we know it is not true. Incorporate class and travel. A sleek, antique bicycle lamp that can be hung from the ceiling should be just enough to prove your point.

Hope you found your style in our handbook. There is beauty in your bare walls. Go crazy and get building. When you are done, share your designs with us. There is a community waiting to get inspired!


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