Fashion Ideas: Putting together the perfect quirky look


Fashion never fails to inspire us. But to find a trend that is as quirky as you, is always an ordeal. The secret lies in the elements you add to your look. Be it a signature necklace that makes the plain pop or the smallest of lapel pins upon your backpack. The divinity is in the details. Choose one occasion below, we will help you put it together.

For Friday Nights:

Friday nights are all about making an extravagant statement in an unbothered fashion. Your outfit should include elements that rhyme with fun.


A Dressy bow, reimagined:

People don’t notice classic gentlemen, they notice gentlemen with style. Impart some craze into your grace with this Neon Electroluminescent bow tie. Light up the dance floor (literally), and adjust your dapper tie and charm the ladies of disco town.

Neon LED Electroluminiscent Bowtie


Mood Rings:

Ever felt a party going bland or fatigue striking you in the middle of a party? But you just can’t leave because of social obligation. Your friend, for God’s sake, wouldn’t catch your eye as you squirm in your seat. It can get awkward.

Purchase a pair of ingenious, colour changing mood rings. These are super- sleek and minimalist. But most importantly they transition into colours as your mood changes. You never know when these come handy.

 Color Changing Mood Rings Set Of 2

Eclectic & Electroluminescent:


Super- slick Neon LED goggles are the new, fun way to turn heads at a party. No effort. Just pick your electric colour and don these on like a boss. You are that new light dance floor needs. Quirk it up and rock the party!


 Neon LED Electroluminiscent Goggles

For Sunny Street Shopping:

For a lazy day spent walking through bazaars, looking for steals under the sun. Opt for light, pastel outfits that flow with the wind, and do not bother as you have a quick snack on the roadside. Flowery, ethnic patterns are never complete without these elements.


A Fun, Big Bully Bag:

You can’t go shopping without a humongous bag. But why does it have to be that boring plastic or cloth back from your storeroom? Turn trendy with this beautifully illustrated eco-friendly Sloth print bag. Walk straighter knowing it’s made of 80% recycled plastics. Or if you have a bit of Ross in you, this red-green adorable dinosaur jute bag. It’s perfect for a day in the sun.


Eco-friendly Bag Sloth Print

Wanderlust Necksets:

A mark of a wanderer is what sets your heart apart. While you roam the streets, wear a stark signature like this exotic Galaxy necklace pendant upon your blouse. Fit for all casual outfits, it is a nod at the adventurous spirit within.

3D Galaxy Necklace Pendant                                   

Oh! And do not forget your quirky set of affordable linen masks. These are triple-layer and have your favorite cartoon characters and heroes printed on top.


For Dignitary Dinners:


Trusty Retro Wallet:

A neat, neutral pattern that attracts just the right attention is a must. This pastel pink quirky Owl purse might seem deceptively small but lo behold! It can hold so much from cards to an emergency lipstick. One purse fits all. Figuratively too. The neutral color and quirky design shall go with all outfits in our wardrobe. Steal or no?


Feather-light Pendant sets:

The less is more. Class lies in letting your true beauty shine. Hence, it is a good idea to minimize accessories. An inspired pendant upon a sliver of a chain gives you that careless soft look. They are comfortable and perfect for making a classy statement. However, there is magic in the pendant. Look closely at this gold plated Time Turner and Snitch Necklace set and tell us if you hear the thrum of magic.

 Time Turner & Snitch Necklace Set

Subtle Statement Rings:

Choose a gold or silver crested ring based on your undertone. A sleek statement upon your slender finger is a symbol of effortless style. Perfect for dinners and dates, it also makes a perfect gift for a loved one.


Want more quirk tips? Let us know the occasion, we will curate the coolest accessory collection for you. Till then, rock that look and keep turning heads.


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