For The Astronauts Stuck On Earth

Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming an astronaut at least once during their lifetime? We have continuously wondered about secrets that the mysterious, vast space contains. 

The magical night sky has always calmed down our anxious minds and made us relaxed. It’s not a surprise so many of us are in love with the beautiful stars. 

So whether you feel lost like an astronaut in the ocean or you just want to lie down and watch the stars all night, Jholmaal has a lot to offer for the astronauts in us at affordable prices!

  • Going out? Why not make it spacey-trip?

With this adorable yet classy 3D Astronaut Keychain, any bus, train or car you take is now a spaceship! You get a perfect space travel buddy to hold your keys and can brag to all your friends about your fashion taste.
3D Astronaut Keychain 

It doesn’t matter if you are a crewmate or an imposter, having this Among Us Keychain is a must have for everyone on board! Add more fun while playing! A perfect gift for fans of the game and children!

  • Stuck at home? Bring the space to you!

If this Space Rocket Astronaut Lamp is on your desk, you can go to space! (Without ever going anywhere…) Taking a break from work or study? Your buddy astronaut in the lamp is ready to give you company! It also makes a great night light in your bedroom! 

Always watching Space videos and movies? This Astronaut Phone Holder is for you! It’s portable, handy and useful as you can use it while charging! Now explore the Space, view memes and scroll through Instagram with an Astronaut holding the phone for you! 

3D Astronaut Phone holder

Writing notes and studying has never been more fun with these Space Rocket-UFO Pens! For a quirky way to journal, write stories or recipes, these cute pens will help you get more inspired and give you an artistic feel. 

Space Rocket UFO Pen (1pc)

  • Are you a Selenophile? Say no more! 

Now you can bring the Moon home with a 3D Moon Lamp Humidifier! This beautiful lamp is printed to astronomically match the actual moon! The humidifier also keeps your dry room misty and it comes with 3 chill colours making the room peaceful and ideal to relax after a long day.

3D Planet Lamp Humidifier

Here’s a Unicorn Moon Lamp so the moon is by your side when you sleep! A pretty unicorn on a cloud accompanies your moon to add a touch of magic. It comes in pink and blue shades with white light. This cute lamp is a perfect way light up your nights!

Unicorn Moon Lamp

When we were kids, we used to think the moon followed us before we learned about planets and orbits. But no worries. Moon is in your palm with these LED Moon key chains! These pocket sized key chains can glow in dark, are durable and battery run. It is also 3D printed to realistically match the actual moon texture by NASA data, so you are carrying the moon with you! Ha, Take that, Science teachers!

  • For the astronauts who are also fiction lovers

This endearing 3D Transformers bobble-head car accessory will immediately transform your boring car into an Autobot from outer space! What more? This bobble-head is also a stable phone holder so you can safely use Google maps or use it on your work desk! (Maybe you can try communicating with your car if you want to)

3D Transformers Bobblehead

This Star Wars Themed Music Box is an ideal gift to any Star Wars fan! It’s beautifully decorated, light and will make you feel like a Jedi whenever it’s played. A small but powerful reminder than the Force will always be with you!

There’s a myth about rabbits living on the moon but what’s the best way to find out the truth? By sending an Astronaut Rabbit of course! This lovely night lamp is the cutest way to decorate your table. It’s also a romantic way to confess! So add this to your cart and send it to your special someone and declare your love for them to the moon and back!

3D Astronaut Rabbit Lamp

It’s easy to forget and feel lost when things get hard, but we can always look up the night sky and let the stars guide us home and give us hope that only in the darkest times we can witness the lights. 

Jholmaal has brought these goodies in hope of making things a little better for you. So, don’t let the curious astronaut in you float away! 

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