We either have a friend who is a Potterhead or we are that friend, who is overly obsessed with Harry Potter & Harry Potter Inspired Merchandise. Since the time we’ve known about its existence, all we crave for is that one letter from Hogwarts, wish for Hagrid to drop at our house at midnight with a poorly iced cake and take us with him to the Diagon Alley. Since that isn’t really possible, Jholmaal brings to you the best Harry Potter Merchandise in India. These Harry Potter themed gifts will surely light up your day. Jholu brings to you 9¾ Harry Potter merchandise you could shop from:

  1. Well to begin with, our Dear Hedwig will get us our Hogwarts Letter (and also help us store our supplies) in a Hedwig Owl Bag, Harry Potter Passport Organizer and Harry Potter Luggage Tags, which goes well with every bag and is a cute accessory to own.These can be perfect Harry Potter Gifts purchased online to gift your loved ones, who love travelling.
  1. To own something that looks antique and reminds of the time turner and is the Harry Potter quartz Pocket Watch. A great gift for someone who would love to own something as unique as this pocket watch.
  1. A really cute pair of Harry Potter Short Socks and Gryffindor inspired scarf will surely keep you and your loved ones warm. The gesture to get them Harry Potter products itself is warm.
  1. Sorting Hat Mugs and Harry Potter Hedwig Theme Music Box can serve as great gifts for those like to sip their coffee with serene music in the background.
  1. Harry Potter Character Key chains have a variety in the characters and all of them are our favourite ones. Ranging from Albus Dumbledore to Voldermort, we have got them all covered.
  1. Harry Potter Bobblehead is an ideal, quirky Harry Potter Merchandise. They’re trendy and give life to our lifeless wizard fantasy.
  1. Lumos Nox Sticker for the person who believes in “Happiness can be found in the darkest of the times if only one remembers to switch on the light.”
  1. Deathly Hallows Pendant the symbol which holds a special place in every Potterhead’s heart. To become the Master of Death, that is what one wishes for.
  2. ¾. Harry Potter Lapel Pins For every quirky fan, wouldn’t a set of 5 Lapel Pins be more than just a regular gift.

Well, wasn’t this a magical list? To get it for a friend or to gift yourself in these tough times will make it even more magical. In these dark times when Lumos doesn’t work, Expelliarmus doesn’t stop the spread and Episkey can’t cure people you can always surprise someone with a little gift which in turn would brighten their day and smile wider than they’ve lately.

So head over and Accio these items to your cart.

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