Getting Ready For Summer 2021

Is it that season again? The sun shines over our heads, we hear the crickets stridulate all night, when ice creams become our all-time meals? As you guessed it is Summer again. The season that brings with it the vacation mode. But are you out of ideas for a perfect summer gift? Especially in times like these where we have to maintain our distance and yet make our loved ones feel special. Summer has a different vibe to it and what else would you want but a well curated gift list for summer lovers? Here are list of 5 Summer Gifts which you can get your loved ones and remind them that the times are bad, the vibes aren’t. Let’s live the summer in the new normal way.


  1. With juices, cold coffees and smoothies and what not, satisfying our cravings to beat the heat, we need to keep our surfaces clean. The organiser in me would recommend you to go for these fancy Set of 4 coasters. These come in attractive Marvel and DC themed heroes sets.


  1. Birthdays in summer used to be fun when we could meet our friends and didn’t have to Google Meet them. But for every such birthday you can decide to gift one of the quirky Bobble Heads we offer. Ranging from
  • The wizarding world
  • To the Superheroes world
  • And for all the Anime Lovers out there.

Summer birthdays spent in quarantine no longer will be a hassle when Jholu guides you through these summer birthday merchandise.


  1. Summer heat can be hard to beat but the vacation mode makes us try new recipes. From milkshakes to smoothies to anything cold and soothing. What better gift could you get but a 3D Mug which enhances the experience.


  1. Staying at home or going out, clothes always are a mess. And with the heat at its peak all we need is a perfect laundry bag to store these. What’s better than a regular folding bag? An animal themed laundry folding bag. It is portable too so definitely can be carried when you go for a vacation.


  1. Those starry nights where a light breeze caresses your cheeks, which reminds you that days might be warm but nights bring with it serenity, for those nights there are a variety of music boxes .A good end to the day when melody happens to enter our ears and especially when they’re the tunes we have grown up listening to.


Summer can bring with it a wave of nostalgia which hits home. From playing to having mangoes, everyone associates some sort of memory with this season. This year when it is difficult to actually meet people and celebrate birthdays or feel the summer heat, these gifts are definitely worth it.

Happy Summer ‘21!

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