Gift Ideas For The Broke

(Cheap gifts for light pockets) 

It was a usual day at our gift factory. Designs were being crafted with care, boxed with love and sent out for delivery to be gifted with a lovely ribbon on top. The employees scurrying between the workbenches and coffee machine. The big, friendly Gift Consultant aka Jholu, the penguin with his clean shaved beard began his day, with a swig of his...err…’coffee’ (from the tin can which he hid in his shirt). It was all going good until a letter arrived. He read it in sombre silence and when he finished his eyes were brimming.


Dear Mr. Jholu,

Hope you are doing good. I most certainly am not. Writing to you is my last resort.

I am a good person with a light heart (and a lighter purse). I enjoy beautiful things- a sturdy book, a classic tea mug, a creative card and quirky trinkets.  And like gifting them to people. Some people might call my taste expensive but they all agree that I am a magnificent gifter.  I believe all things precious come at a cost.

Oh, How I regret saying that! Mr. Jholu! I am broke! My cards have drained to an epic low (I shouldn't have bought that robin blue shirt, I know!) And now as birthdays edge closer, I am having a proper meltdown.

With 500 bucks in wallet, my reputation is in jeopardy. I have two choices- to settle for a cheap, paltry 'gift' or to pack my bags and quietly walk to a land far, far away.

As elite gifters, we both know what I would decide.

My bags are ready Mr. Jholu, I am leaving soon.


Yours (mildly) hopefully,

A broke-n soul.


The ink was smudged at places with bleary wet round spots. Mr. Jholu's heart was in tatters. He is on a mission now, to make the gifter’s lives easier. We can’t have any more of them disappearing. Here are his (slightly slurred) words of wisdom and gift suggestions for the world. Take notes.

“Good gifts do not come at a great price but with great love.”

Money does not matter. Can’t believe it? Well, Jholu does not like to be proved wrong. A few perfectly categorized cool gift ideas to convince you:




  1. The Magical: You can now scoop some stars and have them in bedroom. Or string the moon to your keys. Why even wear galaxies around your neck for less than 500 bucks.

  2. The Practical: Practical items can be classy too. Throw in a bit of creativity and quirk, voila! Lovely gifts in an instant. You can add a twist to things as small as a phone holder or imbibe emotion in a sleeping mask that sums up your person’s sleep-ego self. 

  3. The Current: Gifting a person whose life revolves around fandoms? We know those people who marry the characters on screen and skip about happily. Gifting them authentic pieces might be costly. Unless you know where to look. A silver GOT Daenerys Targeryan Necklace from the legendary GOT series can still fit your purse. Or better, a glimmering Time Turner straight from the HPverse.

  4. The Crazy: Sometimes unexpected is the way to go. Class is all fine but is nothing without quirk. Impress, excite and surprise people. For instance, look at this LED Eyelashes Jholu got his wife. It triggered something within her and now she is busy at fashion shows (and Jholu is at peace.)

  5. The Classic: Who wouldn’t want a quaint bunch of freshly cut flowers and a darling little card. Gift card categories won hearts for ages. An intricate, beautifully designed pop-up card will never fail you. Or take it a notch further with a dazzling crystal ring. Don a crisp white shirt and go get her heart. (No don’t take her out, you ain’t got the money)


And that is it for all your broken-hearted beautiful people out there. Jholu gives you a big, penguin hug. We are here to help you out when you are in a fix. Now don’t send us sad letters and make us cry *sniffs*. Off you go!


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