Gift Yourself A Jhola Full Of Self Love

Look around yourself, how the world is running so fast. In the hustle and bustle, you’ve forgotten to relax and to give yourself some rest. Slow down a little, these past years haven’t treated us well but you can, right? Give yourself the much-needed break. In an ideal situation, we’d have recommended you a list of places you can visit to relax. But considering the current scenario, we would prioritize you and your health. Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. Jholu has curated a list that allows you to choose from a wide range of products that will lower your anxiety levels and increase dopamine (the happy hormone) secretion. 


In the hustle and bustle of life, you need to take that much-needed break, which you deserve! And when you take this break, you HAVE to do something for yourself. Don’t you worry, we have got you covered!

  • The best form of love is self-love and the best way to practice self-love is to do the tiniest of things for yourself. One of the forms to love yourself is to love the way you look even on those worst days but then there’s this other one, where you dress up and make yourself happier than ever. The Wearable Nail Polish Holder Ring hence comes in handy. And with this, you’ll simply nail it! (pun intended;))

    Wearable Nailpolish Holder Ring (Random color)

  • To de-stress yourself, you don’t always have to go around on a vacation. At times you can relax staying home, in your pajamas and tee. On such self-care days, the 3D Planet Lamp Humidifier is useful. 

    3D Planet Lamp Humidifier


Did you know that dancing or basically just jumping around secretes a lot of endorphin in your body? It helps to reduce stress levels and makes you feel free and relaxed. So to watch like no one’s watching, you need the vibe and we have just the correct amount to offer. 

  • To find the correct bass, volume, comfort, and whatnot. You run around in search of those and yet find yourself crossing your set budget. But Jholu has the right product for you in its Jhola. The Ironman Wireless Headphones are one of the best gifts you can get for yourself. 10 hours of uninterrupted music, wireless, and every amazing feature you can think of. 

    Ironman Wireless Headphones

  • Another must-have on our list is the Unisex Beanie with Speakers. And don’t worry it is as cool as it sounds, or even better. You’ll know once you try it! 

    Unisex Bluetooth Beanie With Speakers


Sleep itself is the best way to pamper yourself. Or even better, an undisturbed sleep. One needs the perfect environment and/or the perfect products around to achieve that. 

  • For a comfortable and good sleep or an afternoon nap (which originally is for 15 minutes but extends up to a couple of hours), you absolutely and need the super adorable Panda Sleeping Mask. It is the epitome of cuteness and comfort and a total MUST have!

    Panda Sleeping Mask Super Soft

  • Some nights you just doze off while working. And to work in comfort and to be prepared for such tiring nights, you should have the Unicorn Neck Pillow. It is both aww-worthy and provides comfort. It’s time to bid goodbye to those endless neck pains!

    Unicorn Neck Pillow


It is believed by us and well a lot of people out there that the more you let out the lighter you feel. Relieving stress and pampering yourself may not be the easiest of them all but it surely is worth a try!

  • Journaling and writing are considered to be therapeutic and will help you realize a lot of things you’ve been feeling. For you to let it out on paper or in any medium, it should look something you feel like going back to. The Unicorn Fur Plush Diary is hence the best diary for you. It gives a soothing, soft feeling and will make you smile. 

    Unicorn Fur Plush Diary

  • Feeling things is a natural thing. But letting them take control of you, isn’t. To let it out not necessarily means that you scream or jot it down. It can be over your evening tea with your mom or with a friend over a coffee. To pair the healthy conversation with a mug is essential. A 3D Unicorn Mug is one of the best mugs to get your hands on!

    3D Unicorn Mug (Golden Lining)


When your social battery is low and everything feels tiring, all you need is a good vibe some good music and that just does the job. Pampering yourself is like pampering a baby, you have to do certain things right else it ends with the baby (here, you) being cranky. 

  • Lights create a vibe better than any other thing. Some dim lights can just soothe your soul. And adding beauty to your room or dorm is secondary but complimentary. So you should definitely get your hands on the LED Bottlecap Fairy Lights, they’re aesthetic and therapeutic. 

    LED Bottlecap Fairy Lights

  • Doesn’t matter how old you get, soft toys will always have a soft corner in your heart. Plushies and toys can never fail to make you smile. The same goes with the Reversible Plushie Octopus, it is so adorable that it’ll make you smile always. 

    Reversible Plushie Octopus Happy Angry

Pampering oneself is never an easy job. Even when we know ourselves the best, we tend to make the worst mistakes with ourselves. You need a break from your busy life and you reach the end of this list is the universe’s way of indicating that. So just remember that you need to stop exhausting yourself and let yourself breathe. I promise you it will be worth it. Jholu wants the best for you and is always ready to offer the best! So have a great day/night taking care of yourself. You deserve it! 

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