Gifts for the child in YOU!

Reliving childhood is a gift in itself. Gifts for boyfriend. Gifts for girlfriend. Nope, gift yourself first. What better than a burst of nostalgia within gift hampers? Check out these cool gifts and gifting ideas.

Gifts for the little boy within:

Reminders of the little boy who came home to catch his favorite cartoon with a packet of Cheetos. Who rushed through homework to go play cricket with borrowed bats. Here are some gifts for him

  1. Every boy came home to quickly catch that episode of pokemon with a packet of Cheetos. Gift him the cutest Pikachu Bobblehead that can sit at his table and nod as he works. Or if he is a Dragon Ball Z fanatic, then opt for a 3D Dragon BallZ bobblehead. Who wouldn’t want a Goku smiling at them from the table? Anime gifts are now the rage.
    3D Pikachu Bobblehead
  2. Let him dream of his superheroes as he falls asleep. Late-night Spiderman shows on Cartoon Network are no longer a thing. But superhero gifts are. Make it up with a 3D Illusion Spidey Nightlamp
  3. Theme songs of old cartoons never fail to give us Goosebumps. This aesthetic Dragon Ball Z music box is the right bet to let the nostalgia hit. 3D Dragon BallZ Goku Bobblehead

Gifts for the little girl within:

Reminders of the little girl who spent time eyeing at the Barbie dolls on windows and read until night, her favorite Harry Potter chapter. Those were times of sparkles and light-up shoes. Here are some gifts for her

  1. We all had a favorite white and brown bear without whom we never slept. It is the tender side that we forgot long forgot. Gift her a lovely teddy-bear sling bag that’s neutral and compliments every outfit of hers. This is the go-to trending bag for girls.
    Teddy Bear Sling Bag
  2. Remember the times you believed in magic? Fairies and unicorns landing in a shiver of shimmers. Life is better with a bit of magic. Let her know unicorns do exist if we dare to dream of them. A 3D Unicorn shaped Neon lamp is one sweet gift for girls.
  3. For every girl who ever dreamt of being Hermione, the letter just never came, did it? We still look out of the window looking for a stray owl bearing a letter. Why not gift them one? A snow-white Hedwig bag is one of the perfect Harry Potter gifts
    Hedwig Owl Bag (White)

These cool, cheap gifts can evoke golden memories as if a time-turner. Let us know your preferred time-turners and the magic they hold.

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