Gifts for Zodiac signs (Part 1: Fire and Earth Signs)

Are you a fire sign, bold and slamming, out to own the world? Or an earnest earth sign, working hard to sample the delicacies of life. You could be a water sign, your inner world deep and intuition sharp. Or an air sign, the winds beneath your wings as you breeze effortlessly through life, now and then stirring a storm.


Destiny is writ upon the stars, you know what? Gifting ideas too.


Fire Signs:

Passion is in their blood. Extremely smart at opportunities, a fire sign aims and never misses. They know how to have a good time, be it a party or a convention, they are the spotlight.


Aries: The first of all signs, Aries is represented by a ram. Which should explain their ‘ bring it on bruh’ nature. Fierce, independent, and sumptuous lovers, they love a gift that reminds them of their appetite for life.


Leo: No one shall love like a Leo. No one can rule like a Leo. Natural statement-makers, they oen what they do. Best-dressed in the group, they are the ones in silk coats and felt hats. Get gifts that reinforce their belief that they are awesome.


Saggitarius: The archer that hunts and aims right. They are extremely smart and just as charming. They shoot np-nonsense truth arrows that might hurt a tad. However, their personality is loud enough to light up a dozen parties.

  • You will never find a better travel companion like a Saggi. They hit the road running. Get them this dope foldable water-proof bag- for when they decide to jump into a random lake.
  • A Sagittarius can get ahead of themselves and burn out. They need to sort their priorities. Gift them a quirky planner with a sarcastic cover, and watch them love you to death.


Earth Signs:


Earth signs are all things that are good with life. They have a tasteful approach to life and meet every day as it comes. They have their circle that they cherish and protect fiercely. Give them gifts that surprise these grounded signs.



  • Virgo: They are extremely sharp and are receptive to the smallest of details. And hence can read people like an open book. No one ever loved a proper schedule a neat list better than a virgo- Keeping them busy is keeping them happy.


  • Capricorn: They are rooted in staunch beliefs and sensible traditions. And hence are the mama bears in the group making sure everything is in place.


The celestial elements are with you, go get tha blessed gift and tell us how it went!

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