Gifts for Zodiac signs (Part 2: Air and Water Signs)

Are you a fire sign, bold and slamming, out to own the world? Or an earnest earth sign, working hard to sample the delicacies of life. You could be a water sign, your inner world deep and intuition sharp. Or an air sign, the winds beneath your wings as you breeze effortlessly through life, now and then stirring a storm.

Destiny is writ upon the stars, you know what? Gifting ideas too.


Air Signs:

Air signs can be here, there, and everywhere- and still be best at all. They are social beings with an easy laugh, loose t-shirt, and tousled hair. They are innovative critical thinkers who invisibly hold the group together.


Gemini: Geminis are fluid. They know and acknowledge a coin has two sides. Hence, they are inert and intelligent, known to switch faces as per situations. And they are masters of small-talk.

Libra: Libras are the reason the world still moves about. They are symbols of fairness and will express what is right without hesitation. They can be too idealistic at times, but that’s why we love them. And Librans are some of the best-looking people out there.


Aquarius: If the other signs denote the feisty winds, then Aquarius people are the breeze that keeps the leaves swirling. They can slide into niches and seep into your consciousness. They can solve any problem without creating a scene.



Water Signs:


            There is none more receptive than a water sign. They flow with life but also have a tendency of subtly carving their own paths. They are sensitive and sensual when you get to know them. These are some of the silent yet savage signs out there.


  • Cancer: Cancers are cute. Period. They are the nice people that give you that tight hug when you need it. As a lover, they are sensual and are keepers. They are good souls who get uncomfortable when devious things have to be done.


  • Scorpios: Ah the mysterious, sensual beings that rock the red dress and violet lipstick! Their wit is sharp and their passion just as intense. They make interesting lovers who manage to surprise you with the smallest of things. They can be super smart and extremely in-tune with the spiritual world.
    • Scorpios have a dark side that gives them their signature. So, cute gifts don’t exactly work. Gift them a creepy Rick & Morty mug. They shall like the humor.
    • Gift them this wild, mystic 3D Galaxy necklace. They will appreciate the other-worldly aspect and might just give you a hug.


  • Pisces: Pisces are ruled by their minds. They express their creativity best and are known to have an intellectual knack. Music and art come naturally. They understand words that go unsaid and shall catch you after the party to have long talks.


Tell us how accurate our predictions are. We thrive on your gifting experiences, so let us know how it went. The universe has your back.


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