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Gifting is one of the most difficult tasks since you don’t know where would you go wrong. You’d not want your loved ones to look at your choice of gift and be slightly disheartened, right? Over the years, the style of gifting has evolved. It is no longer one present given, one received. It is always more than that and we are never out of style. Whatever is trending Jholu keeps you updated and will always have your back (And well your shopping bag). 2021 has presented us with a combination of emotions and it was no less than a rollercoaster. To celebrate the fact that you survived this turmoil, we have introduced gift box combos. They are budget-friendly and trust us, make the best gifts of all time. So to keep up with the trend, do take a look at this list we have curated for you.


If you say Harry Potter out loud on a busy street at least 5 heads would turn. That is because most of the people you meet every day are Potterheads and anything related to the same makes them go all crazy. Imagine having a friend like that too. For them curating a perfect Harry Potter-themed gift would be the best surprise ever. For such an occasion we have the Harry Potter Combo Gift Box and the Harry Potter Combo Gift Box v2

 Harry Potter Combo Gift Box

 Harry Potter Combo Gift Box v2

These boxes comprise a music box of Hedwig theme, a Harry Potter scarf, a Harry Potter Logo Pocket Watch and a music box of Hedwig theme, a pocket watch, a 3D Bobblehead, a Mini Watch Keychain respectively. We have prepared this box with a lot of love and will bring a magical smile on the Potterhead who gets their hand on this box. 


The Travel Collector’s Combo Gift Box is the cutest gift box ever. We will tell you why. It comprises the travel fund box which is just so useful! Next, the World Scratch Map, which is a beautiful dorm room decor and a satisfying gift too. Along with these two, an adorable pen from Jholu is also a part of this combo. Travelling can be tedious but such gifts can make your day brighter than ever. 

  Travel Collector's Combo Gift Box


Well, if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  fanatic, you’d have taken it in the literal and the show-related sense. If you’re the one who thinks the latter way, the FRIENDS Combo Gift Box is the perfect gift for you. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, we say, the friend who buys FRIENDS merch for you is a true friend indeed. And to get more of FRIENDS-related merch, don’t forget to check out When F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Meet Your Friends.

  FRIENDS Combo Gift Box


Anniversaries are huge milestones in any relationship. Love never dies and love should never go out of style either. To keep the love intact and to qualify as the best anniversary gift we have the combo which will make your loved one fall for you all over again. The Anniversary Love Combo Gift Box comprises one of the most adorable gift combinations. Pampering your loved ones and showering them with affection and warmth is old school and the kind of romance everyone looks out for. This combo will help you live the movie-style date the real way. 

  Anniversary Love Combo Gift Box


If there was an animal every human could relate to, it would be a panda. Every day, all they do is eat, sleep, be cute and repeat. Well, we can’t turn into pandas but we can always turn our workspace into a panda (not literally, but imagine if that were possible.) 

With the Panda Combo Gift Box, you get the best of Panda products in one present, and trust us when we say, it is just perfect. It goes with every occasion and it has the products combined to suit everyone’s needs. 

  Panda Combo Gift Box


Stationery isn’t something that everyone would like and if you do, you’re LEGEN- WAIT FOR IT- DARY! Not everyone is specific about their stationery and the people who are, are extraordinary. For such people, the stationery store is more exciting than food or clothes shopping or both. If you come under such people category, we would suggest for you get the Stationery Combo Gift Box. In case, you have a friend who comes under this category, we found you the exquisite gift! 

  Stationery Combo Gift Box


We are getting strong with the pun game, aren’t we? 

You know how much one craves for the perfect photograph and in the perfect lighting. The golden hour is the time when most photographs are clicked. What if we tell you, you can get the aesthetics you need in just one combo? From waiting for the perfect time when the sun is not overhead and has not set to switch to the Sunset Table Night Lamp, we think that sounds a lot like your to-be journey. Along with it, you also get the Rainbow Neon Love Lamp which is so attractive that you’d not want to get your eyes off it.

This is just the perfect combo for anyone who is reading this, aka YOU. We’d suggest going and adding the Ambient Love Lamp Combo Gift Box to your Jhola. 

  Ambient Love Lamp Combo Gift Box

Gifts don’t matter to all but to a few they mean the entire world. It is okay if you belong to any but to get good gifts for your loved ones is one of your responsibilities and we wouldn’t want you to put in a lot of time into thinking. This list is just a glimpse of what gift box combos are like, you can check out the others too. We are sure the Money Heist Gift Box Combo or the Unicorn Gift Box Combo would interest you too. So, spread smiles and happiness and make us a part of it too.

  Money Heist Combo Gift Box

  Magical Unicorn Combo Gifts Box

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