How to be the World’s Best Dad

So you are that dad...who can make neither head nor tail of what is happening with the world. It is fast-changing- the music is at its worst, no one plays outside anymore and the electricity bill this month nearly gave you a heart attack. And this child of yours...his head is within his mobile screen and he has online strangers for friends. And dear God, what is that hairstyle? But you love your alien and want to be the best dad there ever was.

A tad ambitious, but Jholu has a few tips up his sleeve. Follow these four gifting rules to win the day.

Rule #1: No, Money does not promise good gift:
Cheap gifts are today’s go-to. Creative gifting ideas are no more than a few hundred bucks. It is the idea that matters.

Seems too medieval? There are fandom gifts inspired by your child’s favorite movie.                      

  • Stylized air-pod cases are perfect and the cheapest flaunt-prop. Get these for your music-obsessed young ones, they will love it.

    Minion Airpods Case Cover


Rule #2: Practical gifts can also be cool gifts:
Distill the myth that practical gifts like good, sturdy bags come at boredom. These daily items come with a twist.

 Hedwig Owl Bag (White)


Rule #3: Mainstream is mediocre
Purchasing gifts from amazon isn’t the only way out. If you are truly aiming for something special, it has to be more than typical gifts for boys and gifts for girls. Choose little, creative coves that offer customized gifts.


3D Astronaut Phone holder


Rule #4: Set the environment right
Gifting isn’t one-dimensional. It isn’t simply handing over gift boxes on an occasion. To be the best dad, you need to tweak the surroundings too. Add in a bit of fun to the mundane.           

Hulk Coasters (Set Of 4)

Yay, you have made it to the end of this list! You most certainly deserve to be the world’s best dad. Gifts for sons and daughters aren’t easy to find but totally worth the struggle, trust us.


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Loved it.

You guys made it look really cute, so firstly I loved the case, happy with the fast delivery and cute packaging. Thank you!

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Is honestly necessary for many occasions and looks cute on everything.

The sound quality is better than expected .
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The wood colour is also good .

CUTEST little lamp 🥺♥️

I just received it today and I'm so in love with it,
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It's adorable!!! Definitely worth buying ^-^

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