Beat the lockdown blues with quarantine gifts!

The past year has made us optimistic, resilient and a lot more creative than we used to be. All of us have celebrated one birthday or anniversary while quarantined. Amid the lockdown, not getting to meet our loved ones and not getting to celebrate such special occasions with them has made all of us sad and cranky. Amid the trauma and pain, all we wish for is a warm hug from our loved ones, but social distancing doesn’t let us do that either. We run out of gift ideas during quarantine and face a lot of difficulty in making our loved ones special days happier. Here’s a list of 5 Quarantine gifts which will surely deliver a package full of love and warmth when it reaches their doorstep.

  1. Music has been our saviour always and we believe it will continue being so. We associate a few songs and tunes to our childhood days and music boxes are something which help us create the vibe. It gives us the warmth we fail to feel and helps curb the homesickness quarantine puts us in.

     FRIENDS Music Box
  1. Giving your room a quick revamp and making it more attractive is one of the most therapeutic gifts ever. 
  • Aesthetics have been the new attractive and a Unicorn Dream Catcher with lights just passes the vibe check. Revamping and giving yourself an artistic change is essential.

    Unicorn Dream Catcher With LED Lights (Big)
  • To give yourself the bunker vibe and to relive the memories you’ve captured in the Polaroid, photo clip fairy lights seem to be the perfect quarantine gift.

     Photo Clip Led Fairy Light
  1. Flexing air pods during every meeting and family meet has just become the new normal. The cases they come in are elegant and classy but we know we like the quirky and creative. For a friend whose birthday falls during lockdown, treat them with a Starbucks Frappe, as well as an air pod case exactly like that and many more. Choose from a wide range of Gen 1 and 2 Air pod Cases.

    Starbucks Airpods Pro Case


  1. Work from home has become the new normal and we know how stressed our loved ones have been. To ease out the stress and tension and make them feel warm from a distance, you can get them these super comfortable Unicorn Neck Pillow which are the perfect combination of cute, quirky and comfortable.

    Unicorn Neck Pillow


  1. Gifts should be thoughtful and useful. Amid this COVID Pandemic, the most essential precaution is maintaining hand hygiene. Sanitizers have become the new normal. To make it convenient to carry if one has to go out and still remain stylish is a tedious deal. But with the Sanitizer Wristband, one can achieve that look. So whenever you go out to get your essentials, a mask on your nose and this sanitizer wristband are a must!

    Sanitiser Wristband  (Refillable)


Quarantining can get difficult but being the person who does the tiniest things to make their loved ones smile even when they can’t meet them is the most you can do. Getting the set of perfect gifts, making someone feel loved and warm is the best gift you can give to someone right? So team up with Jholu, add these items to your cart and a lot of warmth in your loved ones heart.

Stay home and stay safe!

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