It’s Scorpio Season!

Born between October 23rd and November 22nd, Scorpios are enigmatic, thoughtful and one of the most mysterious signs of all time! They may seem stubborn and yet love passionately. It can be pretty hard to read their emotions and thoughts due to their secretive nature. But Jholmaal is here to the rescue! We have put together a list of suggestions so you know what to gift your Scorpion friend! 

  • Scorpios are very careful and cautious signs.

They take a lot of time to trust people and don't believe in rumors and gossips easily. For all those situations when they squint and raise their eyebrows in suspicion, here's a Not Sure lapel for you to pin on them.

Not Sure Guy Meme Lapel Pin Badge

  • The duality of a Scorpion.

(Letting you in on a secret, we might seem intimidating and cold in the first impression but get to know us, we are a bunch of softies like this Deadpool-Pikachu lapel. It's a perfect symbol of the dual personality!)

  • For keeping track of all their goals

Being very determined and ambitious can be tiring and overwhelming at times, by journaling and making to-do lists on a Vintage Sailor Diary can be a huge stress relief.

Vintage Sailor Charm Diary

  •  For the best of times and the worst of times.

Being a water sign, a Scorpio is very sensitive and often experience mood swings. They usually try to hide their feelings and find it difficult to express their emotions. For these times, we have a cute Plushie Octopus to do it for them!

Reversible Plushie Octopus Happy Angry

  • For the fun times

This set of Llama button badges convey the perfect energy to match a Scorpio’s silly side and create laughs during any conversation by combating awkwardness and breaking the ice!

  • For the Me time

Scorpios prioritize their alone time a lot. Usually by listening to music, bobbing their heads and creating scenarios to pretend like they are a cool villain.

 Gift them a Joker bobblehead for keeping company and to channel their inner actor! (We don't like drama but we love pretending to be dramatic when alone) 

3D Joker Bobblehead

  • One strong coffee please

They are tough hearted and resilient people. Despite having been through a lot, they are still ready to take on more obstacles. Here are some superhero coffee mugs for them so they can start each day with vigor!

Wonder Woman Coffee mug 

Wonder Woman Inspired 3D Mug

Batman coffee mug

Batman Inspired 3D Mug

  • Shhhh… I’m procrastinating.

Scorpios frequently depend on motivation and inspiration to hit them and get the work done. They also have a tendency to plan a lot before starting a project and that takes a lot of time. Sleepy sloth is one way to represent this spirit,

Sleepy Sloth & Koala Lapel Pin Brooch Set of 4

  • For some of the best friends of all time.

A lot has changed over the pandemic but one thing that definitely hasn't changed is your friendship with a Scorpio. They are some of the most loyal and honest people of all time. Even if hasn't been your day, week, month or even your year, you can bet they will be there for you. What’s a better way to celebrate your friendship than to sing along and dance to the most beloved theme song of all time! Here’s a FRIENDS Music Box!


A Best Buds lapel is a great way to carry the love of your relationship everywhere you go! It comes in a set of 2, for you and them!

Best buds Lapel Pin Brooch (Set of 2)

  • The simplest key to their heart

Scorpios do love grand presents but the smallest of gesture can make them tear eyed. A heartfelt written letter. Get this beautiful 3D birthday card pop up and write them a letter, telling them how much they matter to you. A Scorpion will never forget it!

3D Cake Happy Birthday Pop up Card (Greeting card)

For this Scorpio season, you don’t have to worry about what to buy! Hopefully this list helps you find the right present. But remember, along with your gift, expressing your love is the most important part and Scorpios will definitely adore that! Have a great day!

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