Let’s Make Studying Great Again!

Things are slowly getting back to normal and school/college works are piling up faster than you could say “Sunday”. In the race of getting higher marks and ranks, we don’t have to make homework and exams feel like a burden. Studying is now more fun (and more bearable) with cute stationery!
  • Be the student who lived

Do you wake up every day and think, “Oh God. When is this semester ending?” We got you covered. Get yourself The boy who lived mug and start your day with a fresh beverage and motivate yourself to get through the year, one day at a time!

 The Boy Who Lived Mug  

  • Your life might be a mess but don’t let your notes get messy.

Online classes have deeply affected our note-taking skills. If your notes (like mine) are all over the place, you need something to organise them together. This set of Quirky paper clips will make the tedious process more easy and amusing.

 Quirky Paper Clip Set Of 5

Of course, we need a special set of Heart-shaped paper clips for our favourite subject! (If you even have one…)

 Heart Shaped Paper Clip Set Of 10

  • Book Fiesta!

Handy and trendy A5 notebooks to jot down notes (or doodle during class, whatever works) never go out of style. I’m not sure if they will magically motivate you to study more, but it’s always super cool to carry them with you. 


You are the main character of your life. And every main character has to survive through days and weeks of drama (and trauma) but you don’t suffer alone. Get some diaries and rant all about your day! A cute way to keep your sanity!

Unicorn magical diary

Unicorn pen and diary set

Unicorn Pen & Diary Set

Unicorn magical diary

Unicorn Magical Diary (1 pc)

If you prefer an exciting mystical type of adventure, Sailor charm diary is here to save the day. It has a stylish vintage cover to channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow. Go pop out some sea shanties! 

Vintage Sailor Charm Diary

  • Not sure about your handwriting, but these pens are cute.

Slow at taking notes? Constantly twirling the pen around in your hand and sighing every few minutes? Sloth pens were made for you! It’s a fun and quirky represent yourself! (You can now blame the sloths for being slow at writing *insert Lenny face*)

Sloth Pens Set Of 3

Love dogs? We have a set of goofy Dog bone pens so you fall in love with writing! It’s also a fun way to doddle your heart away.

Dog & Bone Pens Set Of 3

This Swan LED pen set of 3 is one of the coolest pens on our shelves! A beautiful and glowing pen to write your notes and add to your collection!

Flamingo LED Pens (Set Of 3)

For an aspiring astronaut or a space lover at heart, these
Rocket UFO pens are the way to go! Keep them safe. Aliens in human form might be roaming around in your school trying to find a way back home.

Space Rocket UFO Pen (1pc)

Ok. Now you have these amazing pens, how about this 3D mountain-shaped pen stand to decorate your study table?! It is also a lamp and it can light up your low grades! (Mom, 64 is a good mark only!)

3D Mountain Pen Stand Lamp

  • You can do it!

Sometimes, when you just can’t seem to get things done and you desperately need inspiration. Hang these hard work quotes photo frames on your wall for keeping your mind focused on achieving your goals!

Hardwork Quotes Photo Frames (Set of 4)

  • Add colours to your boring notes!

For the ones with a sweet tooth and who are always hungry, we have Macaroon highlighters and Ice cream highlighters! Multi-coloured and easy to use! Never miss an important definition, keyword or formula. 

Macaroon Highlighter Pen

Ice Cream Highlighter Pen

If you are into fantasy and need something to match the vibe of your diary. Unicorn highlighters are a cute choice! Light-weighted and absolutely adorable!

Unicorn Highlighter Pen (1 Pen)

Add these super cool stationery products to your carts and make learning more fun! Jholmaal wishes all the students good luck and success on their academic journey! Studying is important but don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life! 

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