List Of Gift Ideas For A Loyal Libra

Libra, the Air sign. They’re governed by Venus and their birthdays fall between September 23rd and October 22nd. They’re very compassionate, focused, and receptive. Libras are generally the most interesting people to be around. They’re clever and know their way out. They can be super indecisive so that’s when you definitely can come to their help. Just like their symbol, Libras crave balance. For this social butterfly, you don’t have to be worried about gifts. For them, your presence matters much more than your presents. Oh and they’re humorous, so we have just the perfect gifts to match their level of humor! Also, the prank king, Jim Halpert from The Office is a Libra so we know how funny can things get. 


Not like their life isn’t in place but you can always come to rescue their inconclusive brain. And organizing has a different vibe to it which nothing can match, it can be therapeutic, so why not? 

  • This product not only helps you in keeping things in place but also helps to place tasks and things according to the days of the week. The Weekly Wall Organizer is also a very pretty and thoughtful gift because it also adds to the wall’s beauty. 

    Weekly Wall Organizer (Mon-Fri)

  • When your Libra friends start spiraling, we suggest you get them a journal to help them organize their thoughts. The Vintage Sailor Charm Diary is a perfect gift then. It is fancy and super useful. 

    Vintage Sailor Charm Diary


Libras have very positive energy and to match their vibe and energy one has to think about things from their perspective. To match their aesthetic and likes, we have the perfect gifts in store. 

  • One of the cutest and useful products that we have to offer is the Avocado Mini LED Mirror and Fan. Their colour, shape, everything about this cute, tiny product makes you go WOW. 

    Avocado Mini LED Mirror & Fan (Rechargeable)

  • Libras are self-indulgent and love themselves as much as they love you. And knowing that, getting them the Sunset Table Night Lamp would be a great gift. They can click loads of photos of themselves and when they cannot decide what goes on their feed, you will be there to their rescue.

    Sunset Table Night Lamp (Single Shade) 


Libras are aspirational and have big dreams. Friends are meant to be the backbone to support their friends’ dreams and aspirations. We know you’re that friend and hence to help you and indirectly help them, here’s what Jholu has listed for you.

  • One dream which most people have to do so, everyone has to start small. For such enthusiasts, the Travel and Adventure Fund Money Box is useful and a fun gift. This is a box but can also be the path for their dreams. 

    Travel & Adventure Fund Money Box

  • To dream, one needs to sleep well, right? A sleeping mask is one of the most ideal gifts for a relaxed sleep. Moreover, the softest one we have to offer. The Unicorn Sleeping Mask is so soft that your Libra friend would always thank you when they use the mask!

    Unicorn Sleeping Mask Super Soft


Libras are believed to be the funny ones in the lot. They’re the class clowns and around them, not a day can be dull. For such friends, you need to appreciate their presence in their way. 

  • For you and your best bud, we have the perfect product. The Corgi Dogs Lapel Pin Brooch comes in a set of 2 and is the most adorable-funny gift that you can get them! 

    Corgi Dogs Lapel Pin Brooch (Set of 2)

  • Roasting them or getting roasted by them, that’s how your friendship looks like, isn’t it? Well, trust us, friendships like those are the most precious ones out there. But to make them laugh and roast them at the same time, you NEED to get them the Poop Emoji Popup Pens and attach a note with the same;)

    Poop Emoji Popup Pens


Libras are believed to be the best at expressing what they feel. Be it affection, be it anger, they have got it all. They’d never hide how they feel about you from you and we believe you shouldn’t either. Not all people are equally expressive hence Jholu, one of the most expressive penguins out there will help. 

  • Spongebob and Patrick are the epitome of best friendships and having Patrick to your Spongebob is so essential! Hence to tell your Libran friend that they mean so much to you, get the Spongebob and Patrick 3D Popup Card. Trust us, their smile is going to be worth it!

    Spongebob & Patrick 3D Pop Up Card (Greeting Card)

  • We don’t tell our friends every day how much we love them, but on their special day, they deserve to know. The I Lava You Lapel Pin Badge is a good way to express the same! 

    I Lava You Lapel Pin Badge

Libras are not hard to please, since they’re some of the most understanding and generous people you will come across. Having a Libran friend is no less than a blessing. They’re the best people to vibe with and we are hoping that this read must’ve been useful and would help you fill your Jhola with gifts and love. Libra season is here and now’s the time you shower them with your affection and presents!

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