Magical Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

Unicorns, mystical and magical creatures. Yeah, they’re believed to not exist and are mere imaginations of certain people but is it really? A part of us believes in magic and it may sound irrational to a few but not to the ones who truly believe in such occult! We have friends who are crazy for such magical creatures and magic-related kinds of stuff. Magic needn’t be spells and wands, it is beyond that, unicorn lovers will relate. Not just the symbol of magic but grace. That’s what a unicorn symbolizes, grace and purity. They’re such majestic creatures and taking your eyes off them isn’t the easiest thing to do. For friends who are always left in awe when they talk of unicorns, we have a list of magical gifts in store. 


Mugs as gifts are such cool ideas. They serve the best beverage containers, they look pretty and elegant and you can never go wrong with them (especially when Jholu is assisting you) and you never know what other use it can serve for you. A beautiful pen stand, perhaps (in case you’re a DIY fanatic) 

  • An elegant-looking, 3D Unicorn Mug is all you’re looking for. You’ve several options to explore from and it is human-friendly, for it is made out of ceramic and non-rusting material. 

    3D Unicorn Mug (Golden Lining)

  • Sippers are dope, aren’t they? Imagine, a unicorn sipper. Sounds like a perfect combination to us. The unicorn lover in you will crave a 3D Unicorn Sipper more than anyone else and that’s why we suggest, get your hands on it soon! And we bet, the design on the sipper will make you smile wider than ever. 

    3D Unicorn Sipper (1 piece)


Lamps and lights are literally the definitions of aesthetics. A room full of such alluring products around just makes your heart warm and it sets a vibe for a calm night. Good music, dim lights is definitely magical. And for such peaceful nights, we have a wide range of products for you to choose from. 

  • Fairylights, no wait, scratch that. Unicornlights are one of the most attractive products to get your hands on, for real. It is a good deal, budget-friendly, and absolutely gorgeous! 10 LED lights, and just the right amount of beautiful. Unicorn Fairy Lights are a must-have. 

    Unicorn Fairy Lights (10 LEDs)
  • Lights, as we mentioned are just calming and soothing and what’s better is that we hang them and can see unicorns hanging from the ceiling or just look at them while you sleep. It is definitely worth the investment. Unicorn Hanging Lamp is what beauty is defined in a product. 

    Unicorn Hanging Lamp


Stationery products are always something which makes your heart smile when they’re pretty and useful. Unicorn prints can always take your heart away, and believe it or not if you have got good stationery products the urge to use them increases every time you look at them. We just made you a few folds more efficient;)

  • Diaries are good but you know what makes them better? We will tell you what. A gorgeous print and even better pen to pair with the diary, and well guess who has got you covered? Your one quirky friend, Jholu. The Unicorn Pen and Diary Set is made just for you and we recommend you to go and add it to your cart, right away! 

    Unicorn Pen & Diary Set

  • The diary is enough for noting down the important topics and points covered but you know what you need to mark them. Yes, you guessed it right. It is the Unicorn Highlighter Pen, it comes in four random colours to make your work look colourful and neat. We know the stationery enthusiast in you wants it! 

    Unicorn Highlighter Pen (1 Pen)

  • Jholu says, if you’re getting the diary and highlighter why not check the notepad out too? It is attractive, useful and in one notepad you get a pack of 80 sticky notes. Except for school, you can use it for a lot of occasions and trust us with it. The Unicorn Notepad Sticky Notes aren’t just pretty for the show, their quality beats them all. 

    Unicorn Notepad Sticky Notes


*unicorn+comfortable gives unicornfortable. (okay, last not so funny joke, promise) 

Sleep is when you need to be relaxed and well-rested. For an undisturbed sleep, you can try a lot of things but if there’s no comfort while you sleep there’s no relaxation. And for such uninterrupted sleep, guess what do we have in store? 

  • The Unicorn Neck Pillow. Gives comfort and a tony hoodie for you. It’s high time you bid bye to the prolonged neck pains and switch to this really adorable neck pillow. Not just sleep, but while traveling or working this comes in handy too. 

    Unicorn Neck Pillow

  • The Unicorn Sleeping Mask. the furriness, the soft material is enough for you to fall in love with it. But if there’s more you need, it is free size and adjustable. It fully blocks the not-so-welcoming light and ensures you a good sleep no matter where you go. It is portable and definitely a travel essential. 

    Unicorn Sleeping Mask Super Soft

Unicorns may or may not be your spirit animal by looking at them you will always feel a connection. Not because they’re mystical or elegant but because they give that sense of comfort and reliance. Unicorns, are full of grace and elegance and can definitely leave you spellbound. And if you’ve reached the end of this list, we are assuming this list has left you spellbound too. So maybe Accio all these products to your cart (because every magical reference is incomplete without Harry Potter spells!)

PS. Accio is used to bring an object to the caster

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