No Cap, The Best Gift For Capricorns

Capricorn season is right around the corner and so is the year-end. Thinking about this year, all we can think of is being proud of us all for surviving it. It was one hell of a year. Capricorns are one of those signs who have never entirely witnessed a lockdown birthday and we are glad they have not. To make their special day more special like them, we have got your back (like they have got yours)
For those unaware, the Capricorn season is from 22nd December to 20th January. They belong to the Earth sign and are considered to be calm and practical. For these really hard-working and ambitious people, we have just the perfect gifts in line, according to their common traits. 


Capricorns overdo at times even when they don’t have to. Overdo not just expressions but work too. They are ambitious, no doubt but they need a break too. Well, if only they listened to you saying, “YOU NEED A BREAK!” to make their work easier and more fun and aesthetic, here is what you can get for them.

  • Something useful, pretty, and occupies less space is a stationery item everyone dreams of. The Vintage Sailor Charm Diary is one of the best diaries for their work and leisure. 

    Vintage Sailor Charm Diary

  • Notes and important points are always essential to organize your life and work. For such Capricorns, to save their time, you can get them the cutest and quirkiest bookmark, the Cute Cat Butt Bookmark.

    Cute Cat Butt Bookmark (Grey)


Capricorns have the need to look presentable and good at all times, as they should be. For keeping up with their fashion trends and statements, there are certain must-haves in your Jhola which you should add. 

  • A gift that goes with their outfits and is so pretty that you can not stop looking at it. If that is what is on your checklist, cross it. Because the 3D Galaxy Necklace Pendant is just what you are looking for. The colours, the way it looks is something that you’d not be able to take your eyes off. 

    3D Galaxy Necklace Pendant

  • There are people who love collecting the most hi-tech lighters. If you have a Cap friend like that, the PUBG Helmet Lighter is the accessory that would suit them just fine. 

    Pubg Helmet Lighter (Rechargeable)

  • Capricorns get to share their zodiac with one of the bests. That is, Severus Snape. In honour of that, getting them a pair of Harry Potter Inspired Short Socks is just the best and ideal gift. 

    Harry Potter Inspired Short Socks


They are one of the sweetest people you will come across but what they genuinely like is that you get them something practical and useful. Symbolic gifts mean a lot but for them, practicality comes before emotionality. They are more practical than emotional. 

  • Getting them the Bite Cable Protector Gift Box would be perfect. It is useful, it is adorable and also gives their desk a new look. A practical gift that is also adorable, we got you covered, right?

    Bite Cable Protector Gift Box Combo

  • To add light to their life and to keep the gift minimalistic and useful, we have just the perfect product for you. The 3D Moon Lamp Keychain LED is one of the most useful and practical gifts you can get them. It is handy and just perfect. 

    3D Moon Lamp Keychain LED


Some people love zodiacs and astrology a lot. Be it their sign or someone else’s, they are too much into it. For such Astro-lovers, the Astrological Sign Quartz Pocket watch is an apt present. It is something vintage and has a precise and beautiful design that of all the other zodiac signs.
An Astro-lover Cap would definitely love a gift like that, no cap! 

Astrological Signs Quartz Pocket Watch



Capricorns are believed to be quite pessimistic and that is also because of their practical outlook. Everyone has some good and some bad traits. In this case, when it is negative, you can try to give them some hope and light in life. Some affirmation, some positivity would fuel them for a couple of days. 

  • When we talk of light, getting them lights literally does not seem like a bad idea, right? Dream catchers are said to have some power that cancels out the nightmare and stores for you the good dreams. The Unicorn Dream Catcher with LED gives you both positivity and lights. A gesture as sweet as this would make them feel special and would give them some optimism they are lacking. 

    Unicorn Dream Catcher With LED Lights (Big)

  • To tell them how good they are at what they do is one thing and them keeping that in mind is another. To affirm them as much as you can and to remind them what they mean to you and what they should do, the Be Incredible Lapel Pin Badge is perfect, just like them. 

    Be Incredible Lapel Pin Badge

Capricorns can be the sweetest if you want them to be and the worst if you come in their bad books. They are sensitive so banters are something they try to avoid. They have one of the biggest hearts and a lot of room for love and warmth. If you make them happy once, they would carry it to their grave and keep that in mind always. So to make their birthday or birth month special, do check the collection we have now. Jholu will keep you updated on what is brewing and what is new. These are one of the best presents you would find this year for a cap, no cap!  

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