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Be it a party with 2 friends or 200, there’s always this one person who is an over-excited party animal. They do not need any alcohol to go get high, just a couple of Bollywood songs and crazy moves, that’s their jam. 2021 was not a party year but we know you are grateful for such friends with whom no moment is a dull moment. Parties can be exhausting yet fun. For an introvert, it is a nightmare and for an extrovert, a huge opportunity to make new party friends. For such huge party lovers, we have a wide range of gifts to choose from. Be it a house warming party to a bachelor’s party, we have got you covered. So are your Jholas ready to be filled with really cool party gifts and your spirits to get higher than ever?


Not every party is as impulsive as the ones we see on screen. It takes a lot of thinking and planning to host a perfect party. We are not talking about the time you spend with just your gang. Planning is of utmost importance and we have just the right gifts for that. 

  • What is planning without a guest list? We know there’s the technology and all to store all the data but trust us, penning it down just makes it so much better. Well then, Unicorn Magical Diary, is what you should get yourself.  It sounds cute and it looks cute too.

    Unicorn Magical Diary (1 pc)

  • Since we are not wizards, we have to get a pen to write the guest list in question. Not that pens are not available anywhere else, but tell us what’s better than a set of Unicorn Pens. It goes with the diary and is too adorable to say no to. 

    Unicorn Pens Set Of 2 (Random colors)


Parties without decorations are just like Christmas without carols. To brighten a place, you lighten it up. We have a wide range of lights to choose from and we know when you put these lights on, your party will be lit (pun intended ;))

  • If you have got a table which is just there where you keep your keys after returning home or the table just stays empty, then we have a decor for you. A must-have for real. The 3D Love Shaped Neon Lamp sets the vibe just right. 

    3D Love Shaped Neon Lamp

  • Photographs are memories from parties. For the perfect portraits, the Sunset Table Night Lamp qualifies for a great investment. This would allow you to live the same night a couple more times. 

    Sunset Table Night Lamp (Single Shade)


There is always this set of friends that you have who are always updated when it comes to party clothes and catchy accessories. To keep up with the trend, we have adorable and investing-worthy products which you’ll love. 

  • There’s this popular saying- galaxy in her eyes, the universe in her mind. Well, we don’t know about your eyes, but we have the 3D Galaxy Necklace Pendant which will look perfect with your party outfit and will grab a lot of attention and that is when we know our work is done. 

    3D Galaxy Necklace Pendant

  • Minimal jewellery is the new fashion. Gone are the days when loud makeup and shimmery dresses qualified for a party look. A Crystal Bow Ring is one of the tiniest accessories that can steal the show. 

    Crystal Bow RingThe Jholmaal Store


Not all of us have the best playlist that can suit every party’s mood but you know there’s always this one person who is the life of the party and is the obvious DJ of the party. 

  • Headphones are a must-have. Correction, cool headphones are a must-have. Your #OOTD is incomplete without the Dark Knight Wireless Headphones. Those are the definition of cool and dope. 

    Dark Knight Wireless Headphones

  • These days the trendy thing is Air pods and even trendier than that is the case you keep the Air pods in. one of the coolest and highly recommended covers is the Instagram Air pods Pro Cover. It is what is trendy these days!

    Instagram Airpods Pro Cover


When you go to a party, why go empty-handed. Thoughtful gifts are well appreciated and they make you smile and admire the person who got you the present but you know what is better? Funny gifts. 

Gifts of no relevance to the person, it is not like it will go futile, so do not worry. Just add a dash of fun for the host of the party. 

  • Party planning requires a lot of budget planning too. Now even if you are getting them a gift for fun purposes, this present actually has good use too. With the 3D Unicorn Piggy Bank, remind your friend that they need to save up more for even better and bigger parties.  

    3D Unicorn Piggy Bank

  • The host will not keep the party dry, right? And even if it is dry, you can always have soft drinks. The GOT Shot Glasses are such classy and thoughtful gifts. Well, maybe thoughtful gifts always make more sense. 

    GOT Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

  • Tables are prone to glass and cup stains and you being a considerate, good friend should always care about your host-friend. There are a lot of coasters to choose from but the coolest one has to be the Ironman Coasters. You’d not regret this purchase, we assure you. 

    Ironman Coasters (Set Of 4)

Parties are incomplete without the party animal and the spirit of liveliness. Even with a million problems hovering over our heads, a small party with our close ones just solves half the problems. Party does not always mean boozing and intoxicating. It means losing yourself to the beats of some unknown song. Dancing your heart out and singing at the top of your voice. No one judges you and no one calls you names. Parties are just another excuse for you to deck up or not and enjoy and have most of your time. So be party ready for this would be one of the last grand 2021 parties. As you enjoy, do not forget to keep yourself safe. 

Have a great time and do not forget to steal the show, wherever you go! 

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