Super Products To Gift A Superhero Lover:

Superheroes don’t always wear capes. These superheroes are always in disguise around us, they always keep a check on us and our wellbeing. Having friends like them is nothing but a blessing. For such friends, finding an apt birthday gift for them is "super" essential. Coincidentally if they like the superheroes from the reel superhero universe, you can gift them quirky merchandise of the same. These superheroes we look up to are an inspiration to many apart from just using their superpowers to save the world. Jholu has curated a list for those who are in a dilemma as to what to gift their superhero friend a superb gift! Avengers assemble!



Magic, we believe exists. It’s not just moving objects or getting things done with the snap of one’s finger, it’s more than that. The magical wizarding universe has taught us that. Harry Potter, one of the best wizards of all time, is surely one superhero most teenagers and secretly adults look up to or are fascinated by. For one to choose, we narrow the list down to 3 important traits: 

  • Should depict warmth. Any and every gift you give should depict warmth because friendships give you that sense of security and warmth. For friends like these, a Gryffindor Scarf makes the best metaphoric and literal gift. 

    Gryffindor Scarf inspired from Harry Potter

  • Should signify what they mean to you. Cheesiness apart, gifts should always tell the person how much they mean to you. As we say that friends organize our messed lives. So to signify that a Harry Potter Passport Organiser seems ideal. 

    Harry Potter Passport Organiser

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Superheroes are the most active beings (or super-beings) ever! They go about helping people and showing their enthusiasm and interest in bringing justice to the world. Superheroes and their superpowers cannot always be with or around us but a slight reminder of them as a memento would be a great present. 

Quirky and zestful go hand in hand. The best way to show the same is in the form of bobbleheads. We’ve got a wide range for that too, but to make your work easier, we’ve something exciting. 



Having a cup of tea and a very deep discussion over the same is one of the most therapeutic things one can do for themselves. Imagine having this tea or coffee with your favorite superhero? Sounds exhilarating, right? 

  • The epitome of compassion, affection, and warrior. She fears no one. She is an inspiration to many and the fact that this superhero is an HER makes all the difference. Imagine sipping on tea from the 3D Wonder Woman Mug. The warmth of your beverage and the compassion from Wonder Woman is all you need for a bright day. 

    Wonder Woman Inspired 3D Mug

  • Having a heartfelt conversation with someone who is overly passionate and intelligent is the dream! Making it possible is our responsibility. Getting your loved one a 3D Batman Mug pretty much serves the purpose of having the “deep” conversation. 

    Batman Inspired 3D Mug


No matter how careless one is, losing keys makes the organizer in everyone, come to life. Deep down everyone loves a quirky, cool keychain. So for these perfectionist pals of yours, these seem ideal.

  • Ninja Turtle Keychains, show how full of zeal and enthusiasm these mutant ninja turtles are. The distinct characteristics of them individually when come together form a tight-knit group just like a tight-knit chain for your keys. 

    Ninja Turtles 3D Keychain (1 piece)

  • Yoda, the epitome of wisdom and intelligence. His brightness when meets Jholu gives a Yoda LED Keychain. It is cool, quirky, and useful all at once. And, who doesn’t love Yoda? 

    Yoda LED keychain, Darth Vader LED Keychain

Superheroes help us bring out the best in us. So for such friends, we have presented you with this list of our super amazing products. Be it Marvel or DC or the boy who lived, all of them would urge you to buy these and make your friends’ day brighter and better. If you’ve reached here, then you’ve got the superpower to add these products to your cart. Avengers dismissed!

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