Getting Ready For Summer 2021

Is it that season again? The season that brings with it the vacation mode. But are you out of ideas for a perfect summer gift? Especially in times like these where we have to maintain our distance and yet make our loved ones feel special. Summer has a different vibe to it and what else would you want but a well curated gift list for summer lovers? Here are list of 5 Summer Gifts which you can get your loved ones and remind them that the times are bad, the vibes aren’t. Let’s live the summer in the new normal way.

What type of Quarantine employee are you?

And what to gift yourself. Working from home has tipped our scales. Being stuck without work/home boundaries can be frustrating. So the least you can do is making sure you are comfy and slightly happy as you toil. Scroll down and find out what kind of worker you are and pamper yourself with our work-from-home gifts.   The Slouching Sloth: So, you are that slouching sloths when it comes to postu...

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