That Art Of Gifting: Cool Gift Ideas

That Art Of Gifting: Cool Gift Ideas

A crash course on cool gift ideas. The guide to add a quirky twist to your gifting strategies (without having to empty your handbags, purses online)

Right off the bat, here is the truth. Gifting is not easy. Your father has his ebony drawer overfloawing with unused fancy razors and your Mother cannot find place in the pantry for yet another non-stick tava. The generic parker pens have never peeked out of your shelf since that day your pudgy, younger self locked it in. We have things that stand in big showcases, yet never left a mark in our heart.

What is the problem? Where does "gifting start drifting" downhill?

1. Stereotypes: We assume. That all men like hunting and it is okay to get them muskets. That all women like jewelry and golden bracelets win their hearts. Everyone, from your local shopkeeper to internet recommendations are victims of this image. Gifts for him or her are often fluffy pink heart-shaped pillows. So we understand if you cannot find the perfect gift for your poetry-loving boyfriend.

2. Quirklessness: Good or bad at gifting, we all have an imagination driven by wild horses. We make grandiose plans inside our heads, images filled with loving details. Lockets carved from whitewood and letters calligraphed with violet ink. But let’s agree, we are not craftsmen. Our handwritings aren’t specimens we are exactly proud of (except for a lucky bunch of people out there). So we resort to manufactured merchandise, which simply never match your level of quirk. That is

3. Diversity: Personalized gifts save the day. But people are oceans. No matter how deep you dive, there is another wave depositing another shard of their personality. A quality you never fathomed they had hidden within. Who knew your diabetic grandma had the guilty pleasure of sneaking away cinnamon cookies to nibble on later? This element of dynamicity that drops a bombshell on a personal level is an even bigger one for companies to cater to.

4. Not-so-proud-pockets: Classy preferences and unique likings come with a prIce tag, quite obese ones. It is a proven fact that the bright-eyed and dreamy, young and broke have the best of gift ideas. But the world is not a fair place. A gift as big as your heart will never fit your pocket.

How to select the perfect unique gift?

1. Acknowledge: Know that you are a beautiful soul that strives to go to any lengths to make people special. When the cause is as divine, you shall stumble into a cozy safe place that will help you with your needs.

2. Don’t Sweat: Even if your rich friend has everything from vintage wine to deluxe watches, there is always room for more quirk. You can get them a super-cool mood-changing lamp that would be a delightfully innocent wrap up to a tiring day. You can gift them a tiny smile as they sleep. So, don’t sweat it, with experts, even a boring bedside table is a muse.

3. Break the Rules: Show them the world they hadn’t stepped into. People love to be surprised. Everyone has a crazy side that laughs louder and parties harder. Break their shells, let their spirits out. Next time you think of getting your bookish friend another book, think again...teach them to rock a party with an Electroluminescent LED Bowtie!

4. Purse and Purpose: You have been the martyr for long enough. Borrowing money to see your mother smile at your present is sweet. Breaking your piggy bank to pay your friends back isn’t. Do your research. Gifts under a budget are not a fairytale. It might soothe you to know that elegant vintage earrings do come cheap. Good dream-come-true places do exist. You know you are at the right place when the loaning days disappear.

Gifting isn’t simple. But so is the joy that you receive. They make stoic fathers take off their glasses and tear up. A small bubble-wrapped cardboard box speaks a hundred emotions we never had the courage to express. It shows you care. It tells you that you remember and recognize. That is why gifting is a complex art. And what is art but love?

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