The Extremely Essential 2021 Kit

It’s New Year, the unboxing season. Do you need a better reason? Box your worries and toss them into the attic. Buckle up and scroll through. We have the Goodness Goodies to help you step into the New Year in one piece.


Drinks for Table One

2020 might have left you a tad battered and bruised.  But you have made it to the end, you brave person! You deserve a beer and a bravo. Get the music playing. Some sturdy,  themed beer mugs for you and your beer bro will complete the mood.

 Batman Inspired 3D Mug

If your peeps are unsure of how much to chug, get this absolutely unpredictable Drink Decider Dice party game and watch the laughter and glasses fill up. Don those amp- the- vibe -and- set -the- trend LED eyebrows.

Drink Decider Dice Party Games



Change the Setting

Where you are has a say on who you become. Your house might look feverish and boring after a full year living in them. If you are rich enough, paint the blues out. Splash some craze upon those dead walls. If you are slightly broke, then we have a pocket-friendly redecoration alternative. Stickers come in varieties, from sloths to slytherin, to suit your heart’s quirk. If you consider yourself slightly old for stickers. posters are a perfect alternative. Hang them and latch on to that positive vibe!

Slotherin Sticker Decal (Vinyl) 


Get that Planner Out

When all the world is opening up, shouldn’t you be studious? Purchase a fun journal that matches your personality. Are you a rather interesting pawsonality? Or that travel bug better with Google Maps than Meets? Or rather a panda disguised as a human? We got you queer millenials covered. Check these curious A5 planners here.


2021 is the year for travel for every mortal. Get those boots dusted! Out of funds? Time to cut those pizzas and save up. Save in style with a dainty, no-nonsense travel fund box. Nothing rolls until you put an arrow to the bulls-eye. Get a coin and a Scratch-Off World map. You shall own the world by 2022.

 Scratch off World Map Wall DecalTravel & Adventure Fund Money Box



Comfort Products for a 2020-ish evening

          When you plan, be a sensible planner. A true planner sees the bad days coming a mile away. For those days that don’t go well, here are some emergency goodness goodies.


Let’s turn to the classic comfort list-


And there it is, a list of happiness.


That brings us to the end of the extremely essential 2021 Kit. Make sure you pack it well and nicely. Share with us what you include in your 2021 kits- we are all in this together!

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