The Gifts For "Her" Checklist

Gift for a woman in your life? It is probably the easiest and the toughest thing you will ever do. There are a gazillion options. And yet nothing suitable. Things are either too simple or too grand. Too girly or not at all. Moreover she seems be happy with anything that you give her but IS SHE really?


You will never know.


And that is why we have curated with care, a checklist for you. ‘Gifts for Her’. It is the perfect blend of women empowerment and appreciation of femininity. Tick the boxes to save the day.


Check the price

Women don’t like it when you buy pricey stuff. They adore beauty in little things. Go simple with a creative twist. Gifts under a budget flaunt a smart mind. Save those bucks for a nice dinner.


Don’t go mainstream

Every woman likes to feel special. Make sure you don’t get her the big, flashy, mass-produced products she sees every other women owning. Pick personalized gifts- customize and win.


No Pink Please

Women have been associated with pink and ponies for ages. They are no longer synonymous to bows and barbies. They are warriors, bread-winners and made of steel. Appreciate the strength with appropriate gifts.


Try to imbibe meaning

Show her you might not remember her favourite colour but know the shade of her beautiful heart. Don’t go monochrome, gift her a rainbow!


Trust everday items

The more they carry your gift around, the more it underlines your care. That doesn’t mean you gift her boring brown handbags. At the right place, there are quirky options.


Go dreamy

Fun fact- women are dreamy beings. They love the moon, stars and the ethereal. If you are ever in a fix, gift her the universe.



Pick her Passion

Make sure you know her well enough to pick out a passion. Is she a quaint bookworm or an ardent traveller? Check if you have nailed these niches.


Practice the Gentleman Act

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned card, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine? Women are romantics who swoon at a proper present. A romantic gift might just save your day.


Appeal to the baby

You think she is a badass? She might seem tough, but every woman is a baby within. She likes reminders of childhood. Even a teddy bear to cuddle as they sleep. (Shh...don’t let this out)


Show her the value

We never tell a woman she is good enough. Every hug, kiss and smile matters. Tell Show her that.


Not another Locket or wait...should you get one?

Locket gifts are close to any woman. It stays by her heart every time she wears it. Perhaps that is why she has soo many of them. Should you get her one? Only if it is special.


Cherish her

She is a darling. She is your gift. Keep her close and cherish her. Tell her you love her- every bit of her. Never let her go. 


Gifting is an art that demands strategy. We think (rethink), plan, sketch, plot and then approach. Life is more than these boxes, go with your heart (but take this list with you)!

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