Therapeutic gifts to calm your mind

Living well is living in peace. While that is a tall order for 2021, you can still find time to pamper your mind and soul with therapeutic delicacies. Not all can rush to therapy,lie on a couch and voice their problems. Here is an affordable philosophy to stay comfy and sane. As Jholu likes to put it,

“You are as happy as the fluff of your neck cushion”

Here are a few things you can purchase to make your life...fluffy.


Neck Comforters:

How is that 9-5 routine sitting on your poor neck? Rather heavily, you might say. Nothing gets a man cranky as a nagging neck-ache. Work and travel in comfort with this super-soft and so-cute-you-might-just-die Unicorn neck-pillow. It comes with a smooth hoodie that will give you a comfortable focus. You might just set a new serene trend.


Stress Squishies:

  Stress balls went out of the trend 10 years back. Time to replace that inelastic, brooding ball of boredom. You can now customize your stress relief with a squishy of your choice. If  you are a foodie, you might consider this sumptuous slow-rise burger squishy. Squish that stress out of your system. Moreover, a foodie squishy reminds you to GO GET THAT LUNCH YOU SKIPPED HOURS AGO!

If you aren’t the one for food, you can press some very round, very satisfying buttons in this anti-stress Fidget Pad Controller. Did we tell you it has all your stress bases covered?  4 Clickable Buttons, 1 Game Joystick, 1 Finger Massage Roller, 2 Everlasting Gears, 1 Spring Loaded Slider, 1 Spinning Dial, 1 Switch & 1 Convex Grip. This is what your office workbench is missing.


Divine Dreamscapes:

Aren’t you the one who goes to bed with sore eyes but ends up watching nine hundred videos all night? How you fall asleep has a say on how you wake up. Maybe you are too lazy for a warm bath...but, you can always have something beautiful to look at as you fall into a dream. If you miss catching the moon through your window, purchase a tranquil miniature Moon lamp to lull you to sleep. Your own little moon can now change colours to fit your mood.

Dream catchers are tranquil, feather beings that quietly collect your unsaid dreams. Hang one by your window, upon the breeze. Sigh and sleep as you watch its sublime sway.


Work Desk Wobbles:

Your brown, bare table has stressed you enough. Every workplace has a character.You have to make sure yours is sweet. People go for little, potted plants. But let’s admit it's a tad too 80’s. Here are some freakishly interesting bobble-heads inspired from some of the famous superheroes of the century. You will have someone to accompany you as you wobble along a day.

Trust us, this miniature Hulk knows how to SMASH your stress. Or a Dali bobble-toy from Money Heist that will inspire you as you drive to dingy corporate offices every morning.


Feet Feels:

Your feet hold all nerve endings from your head to toe. If you need to treat your fried nerves, then you need to treat your feet. Get a pair of homely pokemon socks that fits your feet like a warm glove. It’s what your granny knit but better!

If you aren't a socks-person, then indoor- shoes are a lovely alternative. Stop dragging your tired feet across the cold floors of your house. Settle into this 3D Unicorn Plush Slippers that feel like feathers beneath your feet.


As you survive on your half-a-toast breakfast, commuting between deadlines, it is important for you to stay sane. We craft snatches of sunshine to brighten your day. Let us know how these little therapeutic delicacies help!

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