Trick Or Treat!?

  • Costume party and movie night!

Invite your friends over and ask them to wear a cool costume! You can even have a mini competition and vote on the best costume!

If meeting up is hard during these tough times, you can have the party through a Zoom call! You can play board games online or stream horror movies together!

Here’s a list of suggestions!


  1. The Conjuring

Conjuring has almost become an evergreen classic. What’s a better day than Halloween to revisit your favourite movie series?

  1. IT

Ah. The movie that killed the clown industry. Don’t you think Pennywise must love Halloween so it can blend in with the crowd?

  1. #alive

This underrated movie is one of the best zombie movies of all time. If you are a fan of apocalypses, you must check this one out!

  1. Hush

The best thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. A deaf and dumb author has to survive the night with a serial killer trying to kill her. (Don’t watch this movie if you are home alone)

  1. The Ghostbusters (2016)

On this list of terrifying movies, here’s a light-hearted and fun one to laugh the night away! (I did not include it because of Chris Hemsworth)

  • For a sweet night!

This pandemic has made all of us resort to some sort of hobbies and if you have picked up baking (or any of your friends bake, send them this list so they can try it out!) here are some simple desserts with a Halloween twist!

Cobweb Brownies 

Melted marshmallows stretched out on top of classic brownies for more deliciousness! 

Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies!

Adding tangy pumpkin to your cookies with chocolate is a great way to snack on with milk!

Eyeball Biscuits

If you are a lazy person like me, all you need is a packet of Oreos and some colored icing to make some creepy eyeballs! Accompany them with fruits too!

Witch Finger Cookies

You just need little shaping skills, red jam, and some green coloring to make these gorgeous witchy finger cookies to cast some spells. 

Green apples and Caramels are an easy and quick snack to make! One of the best combinations for people who enjoy sour and sweet!

Vampire cookies 

Who knew mini marshmallows and red frosting can make up such cool dentures? 

  • Pumpkin carving, anybody?

Yes. Try out a new skill. Get outside your tiny comfort zone and have fun carving some pumpkins! 

It will get messy but art is born out of chaos! Careful with the sharp knives! You can also buy our Fairy lights to light up your Jack-o-lantern from the inside!

LED Bottlecap Fairy Lights

  • Pranks

Who says we can only prank people in April? Halloweens are a great day to scare people! And with the pandemic and lack of haunted houses (man-made and not the real ones), you can try pranks at home! 

You could use a Neon led purge prop mask, but warning, the person you are scaring might not be able to sleep for days…

Neon LED Light Up Purge Mask (No COD)

So I hope this Halloween you guys have a lot of fun celebrating it! Jholmaal wishes you and your family a happy and safe Halloween! Boo!


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