What Kind Of A Gifting Personality Do You Have?

 When it comes to gifting, it is never predictable. The seemingly fun party animal can gift you a fuzzy blanket and a book for the winter. And who knew how grandma got hold of those insane LED eye-lashes for your birthday? Dang, those were wild.

Looks can be deceiving dear friend, it is all a matter of the heart. And who knows hearts better than us?

There is diversity in gifting generosity. We have laid it out for you, find out in which heart-shaped character mold you fit into.


The Fairy Godmother:

The Fairy Godmother protects the spirit of the family. She hovers over hearths and makes sure there is baked bread with warm butter on the table. You will have the right dress and sandals for the midnight balls when she is about.

Are you a fairy godmother? Check here:


  1. Essentials: You are the one that makes sure everyone has proper sweaters without holes on Christmas. Your go-to gift items are personal items from warm scarves, handy makeup mirrors, and purses that can actually hold stuff.
  2. Sparkle on the go: You know how to turn pumpkins into silver chariots (or divine spiced lattes). You got the sparkle and style. All products you choose, common as they might be, have a twist. Who wants elementary, yellow notes when you can have chic unicorn-inspired ones.
  3. Mistress of Quality:  No one. No one can sell you something cheap. Pride over Price. You make sure only the classiest of mugs are at your table and the truest of dream catchers hangs at your daughter’s window.


The Uncle Pete:

Uncle Pete is the rockstar of the family. A favorite among the kids, he knows how to bring big bulldozer gifts (which your mother might call ‘useless). But hey, you need an Uncle Pete to keep things interesting.


  1. Fun with capital ‘F’: You teach the kids how the world is out there. At least the fun part of it. You inspire them to dream and to ‘go get it champ!’.  Salvador Dali inspired costume for the new year? Totally bizarre but totally cool.
  2. Creating Culture: You have traveled far and wide from your little hometown. And your strive to introduce culture into the party and family. You have cool stuff from all around the globe and galaxy.
  3. Gadget Gigs: You like to get your hands dirty. Kneel down with the cousins and get the campfire going? You are on the spot with your nieces and nephew. You are patient and show them how things work. Be it swinging an axe or working a cool gadget.




The Santa Claus:

Ho Ho Holiday Spirits. These Santas are very studious when it comes to gifting. Unlike Uncle Pete, they are no-nonsense. They ask you what you want and will gift your just that. They do not hesitate to hunt for that gift across 7 oceans and 8 mountains.



  1. Mystic Mystery: You are a bit of a loner that likes drama. And you like maintaining that image. You do not visit often- most of your correspondences are through letters. But you know how to make an entrance. Add an extremely purposeful eco bag for holding the gifts and a very red, no-nonsense winter beanie with bluetooth that plays your theme song- aren’t you a sight to behold.
  2. Maker of Lists: You start making lists well before the holiday begins. They have to be proper, so you can figure out where to buy the best of  products. You even hire assistants to make sure everything is perfect.
  3. Sledging Stories: You have been to places and cannot stop yourself from telling a good stories. You like to gift people stories- you make sure they get the mandatory diary as a complimentary so they can write your legends and recepies down.


The Sleuthing Sherlock:

“My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people do not know.”. Ah Sherlock, Sherlock! They know exactly what goes on in people’s little brains. And isn’t that extremely convenient when it comes to gifting?



  1. Sharp wit and apt gifts: You know to get Mr. T needs a new teapot and a washcloth from surveying the kitchen. And that the careless neighbour who seldom wears masks needs an easy-to-use sanitizer watch. People like these lower the immunity of the entire street.
  2. Sneaky Surprises: You have a good memory. Even though you might not know that the earth goes around the sun, you remember what your cousin said she wanted 5 years ago. You evil genius let it sit for a couple of years to escalate the longing and happiness. Now who is the favourite person in the family?
  3. Disproportionate gift wraps: You like to wrap things up so they, in no way resemble the object within. And don’t you have a knack for choosing absolutely stunning gift wrappers that do not bite your pocket? You will wrap a gun in christmassy, pink paper if that’s what it takes to create a surprise.



What is your gifting personality? Are you lovely Santa Calus? Or are you a spectacular mix of evil genius Sherlock and soft hearted fairy Godmother? Let us know! Explore these fun personalities with us by visiting our quirky online store.

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