What type of Quarantine employee are you?

And what to gift yourself.

Working from home has tipped our scales. Being stuck without work/home boundaries can be frustrating. So the least you can do is making sure you are comfy and slightly happy as you toil. Scroll down and find out what kind of worker you are and pamper yourself with our work-from-home gifts.


The Slouching Sloth:

So, you are that slouching sloths when it comes to posture. You start out straight but melt into the chair as time passes. Hours in front of laptops on the makeshift bed-turned-office chair is not good for you. Get yourself  plush, cheap cushions and heal you back. We make happy puppy cushions that will make you grin every time look at it. Fit for cuddles, quick naps, and conferences.


The Snap Dragon:

Your bad moods are the talk of the town these days. Anyone caught in the vicinity of your vicious temper is dead meat. Expression helps- not on people, but on stress balls. Plush soft toys that also serve as mood indicators are the hot topic now. Flip that sweet little softie over so people can tip-toe around you or make you hot chocolate


The Squinting Simon:

It is not uncommon to lose oneself while working. We know have ended up unconsciously squinting at the keyboard as the day fades. And you are one step away from turning into pandas with black eye patches. It is vital to work with sufficient light now that limited screen time is out of the window. Install night LED lights with sensors that automatically click on when evening hits. They come in the coolest colors and cheapest prices.


The Hither-thither Worker:

You never seem to settle on a proper place to work. It is either too much noise or too less noise. We know you work in your bed or lounge on the dining table along with pillows, plates and pans.

Where you work has a say on how you work. Designate a work area, it could be as small as the corner of your room. Clear up some space on the wall in front of you for photo frames and posters. Though seemingly idle, they have proven effects on your mood. It could be a hot pink positive vibes poster or a set of motivational quotes or even superstar Rajini in his coolers.


The Cold-Blood:

You are that person oh-so-sensitive to temperature. The winter is here and you have to walk around in your socks, feeling cold and miserable. Meetings don’t stop for winters, do they? Get yourself ginormous plush indoor slippers. They are warm and soft, hence a happy addition to your wardrobe. You can even find a lucky pair and wear them through your zoom conferences.


The Coffee Pot:

 Coffee is your bae. Your lockdown engines are fueled by caffeine. Though your eyeballs are dilated way too much and you giggle a lot, do it in style. Ditch those boring plain white and silver mugs. Who drinks from those when you can drink from a cauldron (Potterheads we are looking at you). Purchase a sturdy, interesting mug, you will be proud of yourself.


The Nifty Napper:

Power naps are the real deal. How else are you supposed to cope with the 21 imminent meetings and the 331 people you have see-zoned? To lean back on that chair, folding your arms and dozing off is a skill. Get a mood-definitive, super-soft sleeping mask to shut out the noon lights. People around your will love your quirk.


The Moonlight Artist:

You are a corporate employee with a keen eye and creative heart. While you raid excel sheets in the morning, you moonlight as an artist. It is important to keep your words and colors alive. Purchase an ocean-blue dream catcher with fairy lights- something chimes with the wind to remind you of who you are.


Hope you found yourself in the list. Look into the suggested gifts and get yourself one. Because darling, you are doing great and you absolutely deserve it!

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