No Cap, The Best Gift For Capricorns

Capricorn season is right around the corner and so is the year-end. Thinking about this year, all we can think of is being proud of us all for surviving it. It was one hell of a year. Capricorns are one of those signs who have never entirely witnessed a lockdown birthday and we are glad they have not. To make their special day more special like them, we have got your back (like they have got yours)

For those unaware, the Capricorn season is from 22nd December to 20th January. They belong to the Earth sign and are considered to be calm and practical. For these really hard-working and ambitious people, we have just the perfect gifts in line, according to their common traits. 

Top 5 Gift Card Writing Tips

TOP 5 WRITING TIPS TO NAIL YOUR GREETING CARD How to write a greeting card   Greeting card troubles? Pour a drink and tell us about it. We know the drill. You have been tirelessly browsing through beautiful greeting cards for your dearest. But now the card is here in its jhola, quirky and cool. And you stand baffled. This is your last challenge. The hardest one. Writing a message.   Greeting c...

The Gifts For "Her" Checklist

Gifting a woman in your life? It is probably the easiest and the toughest thing you will ever do. There are a gazillion options. And yet nothing suitable. Things are either too simple or too grand. Too girly or not at all. Moreover she seems be happy with anything that you give her but IS SHE really? You will never know. And that is why we have curated with care, a checklist for you. ‘Gifts for Her’.

Gift Ideas For The Broke

Money does not matter. Can’t believe it? Well, Jholu does not like to be proved wrong. A few perfectly categorized cool gift ideas to convince you for gifts under INR 500 and a letter from a big heart with a small wallet.

Gifts for your friends. Could it BE any tougher? It is one of those seemingly easy tasks that you postpone until you are in a fix. Talk about making plans…

There are countless gifting ideas out there but how to find a quirky gift for your best friend? The prime step would be figuring the enigma that your friend is. Each friend is unique so naturally, you need unique gift ideas as well. Which part of their gloriously colorful (and equally annoying) personality do you cater to? Here is a little game/ guide for you

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