Celebrate Christmas The Jholmaal Way

The holiday season is around the corner and saying that we are excited would be an understatement. It is finally the season to be jolly fa la la la…  

It is going to be another year to this awful pandemic and yet another year of us cribbing about it. But that won’t and shouldn’t change the fact that you want to gift your loved ones a Jhola full of quirkiness and love. Christmas 2021 won’t be as amazing as the other ones because even when we have started adapting to the new normal, it is still difficult to meet our loved ones. To make it reach somewhere close to where it should be, we will put in all the efforts we can, starting with a magnificent list of gifts to choose from.

To read a list as if it is a grocery list can get boring, right? We have a lot of points of view that will just fit in for the holiday seasons, so here’s a list, the trendy way. 

Let’s Make Studying Great Again!

Things are slowly getting back to normal and school/college works are piling up faster than you could say “Sunday”. In the race of getting higher marks and ranks, we don’t have to make homework and exams feel like a burden. Studying is now more fun (and more bearable) with cute stationery!

It’s Scorpio Season!

Born between October 23rd and November 22nd, Scorpios are enigmatic, thoughtful and one of the most mysterious signs of all time! They may seem stubborn and yet love passionately. It can be pretty hard to read their emotions and thoughts due to their secretive nature. But Jholmaal is here to the rescue! We have put together a list of suggestions so you know what to gift your Scorpion friend! 

For The Astronauts Stuck On Earth

Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming an astronaut at least once during their lifetime? We have continuously wondered about secrets that the mysterious, vast space contains. 

The magical night sky has always calmed down our anxious minds and made us relaxed. It’s not a surprise so many of us are in love with the beautiful stars. 

So whether you feel lost like an astronaut in the ocean or you just want to lie down and watch the stars all night, Jholmaal has a lot to offer for the astronauts in us at affordable prices!

Back To School Gifts

School has always been fun to get back to but sadly for the past 2 years, students haven’t felt the adrenaline for the same. COVID has taken a toll on everyone’s physical and mental health. But going back to school can still be the same if you continue gifting like you used to, right? Back to school gifts have always been quirky, cute stationery. Gifting never goes out of style and since we are adopting a new normal, back to online school gifts seems a great alternative. Jholu has a gift for all kinds of students and their unique ways of learning. 

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