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Loved it.

You guys made it look really cute, so firstly I loved the case, happy with the fast delivery and cute packaging. Thank you!

Not Today Satan Lapel Pin Badge
Tanushree Kumari Singh
Goes with everything

Is honestly necessary for many occasions and looks cute on everything.

The sound quality is better than expected .
The music box is built good .
The wood colour is also good .

CUTEST little lamp 🥺♥️

I just received it today and I'm so in love with it,
the perfect gift.
It's adorable!!! Definitely worth buying ^-^

I loved the quality of the product

Being a big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, I couldn't stop myself from buying the pink and green doors keychain. I absolutely loved it 🥺♥️ The quality is good and the keychain is too cute. Its a good product to gift and to own 🥺 I am in love with the keychain !!

Good purchase

It is a good gift for someone, lifts up the decor of your room. I received it as a gift and found it really unique and interesting. Will carry it with me wherever I live. :)

Gift Wrapping
Prerna Aggarwal

Good quality

Excellent value for money

Look honestly the clip doesn’t stay on your shoe when you run, it slips right off. But it’s waterproof and the light is SUPER bright in darkness and I now wear it on my wrist where it sits nicely. If you want to wear it on your feet you’ll need an extra elastic loop or something. Regardless, I’m happy for what I got when I look at the price I paid, which I think is very fair. Happy with the delivery speed of Jholmaal too. Will shop more with confidence because they’ve earned my trust.

A wonderful surprise!

Gifted this starmap to my husband for our wedding anniversary, & he was speechless. His reaction made our day extra special. The Jholmaal team delivered the order on the same day since I needed it urgently and they were very supportive throughout. Thank you for this wonderful gift! <3

3D Money Heist Bobblehead
Kshitij Agrawal

Really loved the product. It was my first time buying anything from this store, so I was skeptical at first, but when I received it, it was really great...

Skeleton Neon LED Light Up Purge Mask
Worth every penny!

Bought these for a Halloween party and wasn't disappointed AT ALL!! Really cool masks and the quality is good as well. There's a foam provided on forehead part inside the mask which makes it comfortable to wear for long durations!

Blue Dream Catcher With LED Lights

I think that this is something really unique. Usually it is used in rooms but i decided to hang it near my garden looks really beautiful! The packaging was good, there were no torn feathers at all and the lights worked perfectly well.

I got this for my boyfriend. It had 3 layers of wrapping which was neatly done preventing it from damage during shipment. He loved it since he's a big fan of Money Heist!

Probably one of the best things I ordered. Really awesome tune to it. The delivery just took 4 days which was very fast as I live in mumbai.

Quirky Face Masks (Set of 3)

The masks came safely packed in double layers. The print on it was good and it looks stylish when you wear it. Out of all the options Flash one was my favourite.

The wrapping was very carefully done. The music box was the size of my palm just like it was described. Loved it!

The sound quality is just amazing and it is so melodious I just couldn't stop playing it!

The cut on this lighter looks classy. The packaging was proper and the shipment was relatively fast. Great product overall. Came in a really nice hard box case.

I got this for myself and it absolutely feels premium while holding it. The battery lasted for about two weeks on a single charge and fair but of daily usage.

Great quality lighter which lasts around 10 days on a single charge. Happy with the product.

I found this lighter very stylish. I got this for my friend and she loved it a lot. Thinking of getting one for myself too.

The colour on the shield of the lighter is perfect and it lasts enough on a single charge. No complaints as such, wonderful product.

Fingerprint Touch Sensor Plasma Lighter (Silver Gloss)

The silver gloss on it is shiny and bright which gives a superior look to the lighter. If you want a unique lighter at a very reasonable price go for this.

Unicorns make me go crazy! As soon as i saw this lamp I got one for myself. To be honest it is just amazing, the light is perfect, the colour is perfect, and ofcourse the unciron inside it makes it the perfect product for unicorn lovers like me!!!🦄💓

Got this for my son who loves Kung Fu Panda. No disappointment at all, the figure and the colour on it is on point. The price was also decent for the size of the product.

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