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Get ready for the season of seeing people post about, “New year, new me”. It is a great opportunity for people to start things from scratch, make wonders, and just change their life the way they want to. 2021 as a year was literally a roller coaster ride. There was an entire phase where everyone experienced the plight of 2020 again, then there was a phase where people just forgot about the pandemic and moved on with their lives. This year was difficult for a lot of people and paved a path to start a new life for many. To show gratitude to your loved ones and make their New Year special, we have curated a list of all the types of friends we get to meet and the perfect gift for them. 


New Year is nothing without this one friend who is always making resolutions at the end of every year. They plan and note everything down. They are the friend who makes bucket lists and strikes them off once achieved. For such friends getting them the perfect diary is essential. 


Although the last 2 years weren’t the best ones and stepping into the new year seems scary, you should never back off when it comes to celebrating a new year. Instead of thinking about the fact that it wasn’t a great year or you didn’t do much, be grateful for surviving it. 

  • We are proud of you for reaching where you are and to celebrate New Year, you can get the GOT Shot Glasses. It is apt for boozing or well it’s okay if you keep it dry. It is a fancy must-have accessory too!

    GOT Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

  • Parties seem incomplete without decorations. For hosting a really cool New Year party, we suggest you go for the Ambient Love Lamp Combo Gift Box. It has all the aesthetic party supplies one needs!

    Ambient Love Lamp Combo Gift Box


Music is the food to the soul. If you’re low, music cheers you up. If you are happy, the music celebrates with you. For such music lovers, we have just the right gifts in store. 

  • Music boxes are the epitome of melodious music and they soothe your soul. For such music lovers, the La Vie En Rose Music Box is just perfect. It will make you smile and lie down with your eyes shut and just the tune playing in the background. 

    La Vie En Rose Music Box

  • Air pods and their classic covers are trendy these days. There are a lot of adorable and meaningful ones that you will find at Jholmaal. The one we’d suggest you get for yourself or your loved ones is the Starbucks Airpods Pro Case. The cute pink color and the flexibility of the case will make you fall in love with it in the first instance. 

    Starbucks Airpods Pro Case


Not everyone likes to celebrate like a party animal and that is fine. New Year is a big deal to most of us but a few like to keep it lowkey. Few like to snuggle in their beds with their warm blankets and fluffy toys. 

  • Nights can get cold and for such lowkey friends that we have, a scarf would be an ideal gift. Trust us, warmth makes your heart fill with joy and makes you feel good. The Gryffindor Scarf or the Slytherin Scarf is one of the coolest fashion must-haves. 

    Gryffindor Scarf inspired from Harry Potter

    Slytherin Scarf inspired from Harry Potter

  • Fluffy toys are a decent alternative for fur babies. Not everyone (gets the permission) owns a pet/fur baby, and for those, we find fluffy toys a good present. The Unicorn Neck Pillow is a good party from home apparel!

    Unicorn Neck Pillow


New Year is not happy for everyone and we should respect that. For some of them, New Year or the holiday season is a nightmare, and dealing with it is not the easiest thing to do. Here’s what you can get them-

  • Small words of affirmation can also mean the world to people. People dealing with hardships may bless you even if you just smile at them from across the room. For them, get the You’re Doing Great Lapel Pin Badge. It will definitely make them smile. 

    You're Doing Great Lapel Pin Badge

  • If they don’t like it grand but you still want to show them that you care and want to do a gesture, you can get them the Lily Flower Pop Card. It will make them smile from ear to ear and will also make them feel loved during the time when they need it the most.
    Lily Flower Pop Up Card (Greeting Card)

New Year’s Eve and the first few days of New Year are the most happening and set an impression for the rest of the year (trust us, it is bound to change). Show you are grateful to the ones you love by getting them the cutest gifts of all time. This year may or may not have been “the year” for you but we know for a fact that the coming years would be just yours! As someone rightly said, shoot for the moon, that’d make you land among the stars! Have a great celebration for New Year and a happy and prosperous 2022!

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