For Your Umbrella On A Rainy Day

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the monsoons? We think of chai and pakode. No combination is better than that, right? But ever wondered about our friends who'd love some “Monsoon Gifts”?

Funnily, these people enjoy travelling too and since they are monsoon babies, they love the monsoon season as well(Alexa, play good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo in the background) But, to sort this out, we have curated a list of some really cool products which they will surely love. So get your umbrellas… oh wait - you can book these online, so just get you jholas ready to be full of quirky good stuff!



  • There’s always this one friend we have who is a crazy traveller, who wants to “venture out” even when it’s raining cats and dogs. To get them something  likeable and equally useful is such a task. But with a Foldable waterproof bag you can make their journey easier and feasible. 
  • He/she also wants to keep their important cards and papers organized and saving every bit of it. A Travel organizer wallet with a card case is like just the ideal gift for such organized travellers. 

 Foldable Waterproof Bag


  • As you look at the clouds turning from bright blue to gloomy grey, somewhere down the day dream, music becomes the comfort you look for. In such times,the Can't Help Falling In Love With You Music Box just sounds magical. A perfect melodious gift and a vibe changer. 
  • Doesn’t monsoon somehow always remind you of the colour pink? The Pink petals wireless headphones hence embraces the same. Itss an affordable and handy gift for the music lover. With it raining, listening to your favourite songs on loop is “the dream”! 

 Pink Petals Wireless Headphones


  • Monsoon is an aesthetic season and to light up your gloomy room on cloudy days makes it even more so. Neon lamps are something that you want and totally NEED. The is trendy, cool and something which will lighten up your room and day automatically!
  • Revamping your desk doesn’t seem like a bad idea either when it’s raining. We know that for most of us, being productive is a lot when the weather is cosy, but setting up an LED Cinematic Light Up Box doesn’t seem very bad, won’t you agree? 

 DIY LED Cinematic Light Up Box A4 (USB/Battery)


  • Although agreed earlier, chai is the one go-to drink when it gets cold. Coffee and all is fine, but tea… no wait, chai has a different feel to it, the real feel. A 3D Panda Mug is cute, quirky and a perfect mug to share with your “chai partner”
  • Harry Potter always happens to comfort us when nothing seems right. To feel this warmth for real, one can always get the Harry Potter inspired short socks. For when it gets cold, you need something that keeps your heart and feet warm. 

 Harry Potter Inspired Short Socks

Monsoon brings out the worst and best in us. It makes you procrastinate like crazy but also brings out the creative side in you. It’s always considered to be the mushy weather where love blooms but to us it’s the season where growth happens. That being said, we hope, by now, you know what your monsoon-lover friend needs. So what are you waiting for, shower your love on them and jam the jhola with all these products. We’ve got you covered just like your umbrellas.


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