Rock This Rakshabandhan With Jholmaal

Telling your sibling how much they mean to you instead of practicing WWE moves on them, is Raksha Bandhan for you. Materialistic gifts hold a special place in our hearts, because who doesn’t love surprises? But a handmade card or a small message for your sibling can always make their day brighter! It may seem difficult or next to impossible at times to be sweet to your frenemy but trust us, we have got it all covered. 

We have quirky gifts and adorable messages; all in-store just for you!

  1. The moon and stars are miles apart yet shine brighter than ever. You and I are like that too, miles apart yet always brightening each other’s lives. Happy Rakshabandhan to my forever Star! 
  2. They say distance reduces love among siblings, they probably haven’t met us since this distance deepened our bond more than ever. Happy Rakshabandhan. 
  3. You have a stardust soul and a heart of gold. 

You're my hero without a cape, from this chaotic world, you're my escape.

I'll be your wall; every single time you fall.

The world is cruel, but together we shall always rule.

A thank you wouldn't ever be enough for the innumerable things you've done for me.

A single day to express my love for you isn't enough and would never be.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

  1. When you come back home, it feels like spring.

The way your jewellery tinkles, when you dance and around the house, you roam, 

The way you sing, it sounds like the harps of heaven and merry jingles. 

Happy Rakshabandhan to my SiSTAR! 

  1. In this world where people want to find the Rachel to their Monica or Joey to their Chandler, I found the Ross to my Monica (or Monica to my Ross) in you! Happy Raksha Bandhan! 

We have always seen how it’s always a brother-sister bond that is glorified and celebrated. We tend to overlook a sister-sister bond or a brother-brother bond. They generally fail to express how they feel. For them putting in words how they feel is difficult because of the complicated bond they share. But we’ve got you covered, here are a few messages you can send or use for a sister, from a sister. 

  1. The thread of Rakhi is just a reminder, that I'll be your wall.

Yes, they say, "brothers protect sisters"

But when you have me, you neither need a brother nor a mister.

I've always been there to help you when you would fall.

Your wish was fulfilled the day you got to hold me in your arms and a partner with whom you'd crawl. Happy Rakshabandhan!

  1. Dear sister, I don't say this often but I want you to know that you make me feel proud every day and you’re so much more than just my showroom of clothes. I hope just like how I am going to save you, there’s something or someone who can save your outfits from me. Happy Raksha Bandhan from your little devil. 
  2. We’ve gone from sharing chocolates for one another to keeping secrets to save each other, we have come a long way and longer one to go. Happy Rakshabandhan!
  3. The purity of a bond is not defined by a thread of Rakhi, it is defined by knitting our love for each other and sewing it with care. It is more than just a thread and more than just a day. Happy Rakhi to my wall! 
  4. They say, sisters are different flowers from the same garden. I wouldn’t agree with that, after all, “Tujhe toh mandir ki seedhiyon se uthaya tha na.” Happy Rakhi. You’re still adopted!!

The most awkward bond of them all is the brother-brother bond. You find a built-in best friend but find it so hard to communicate and share how you feel. But today’s the day when you say it all. GenZ accepts Raksha Bandhan in all forms, this being one of them. 

  1. I wish I could tell you that half the times I’d wrestle with you; it’d be because I wanted to hug you but was too awkward to ask for it. Happy Raksha Bandhan, brother. 
  2. Emotions are complicated and so is our bond. I want to tell you that we can share more than just the ammunition you lent to me in COD. But until then, let’s bash the enemies on the battlefield. 
  3. Here’s a reminder for you to tell you that I can have your back, metaphorically just like how I have it, literally when you practice all your WWE moves on me. Happy Raksha Bandhan wrestler!

Fighting over the silliest of things and making up without even apologizing. Hating them from the bottom of your heart but giving a death stare to anyone who hates them. These overly complicated emotions are something beyond human understanding. The only bond with such bitter-sweet relation is a sibling bond. Raksha Bandhan is more than just tying a Rakhi, it is promising your frenemy to protect them and bash everyone who tries to break them in any way. We hope that these messages make you and your sibling smile from ear to ear. 

Happy Rakhi ‘21!  


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