Santa’s Gift List 2020

Like us, Santa has spent the entire quarantine waiting for Christmas to come. With his feet in hot water tubs, he made sure his gift manuals were drafted and perfect. We snuck a peek into his lists while he was baking an early batch of Christmas cookies.


Santa’s Gift List 2020

Being Santa is all about gifting with quirk and warmth. Santa’s factory makes traditional gifts with a twist. He always manages to make your heart snow.


  1. Socks and Scarves:

-93 pairs of very red and very christmassy socks and nine striped scarves for myself (A man got to treat himself)

- Socks with a twist for the young ones. I get bright, plain socks and have my elfs stitch an endearing icon on them. I heard the Harry Potter fandom is still on the rage. A hundred of dozens of those should do.

(It’s been decades since I last met Dumbledore, got to send him an owl.)


  1. Mugs for Muggles:

          We are what we drink. Take it from a man bending over a kettle in the North pole. What better than warm mead in a sturdy cup? Or perhaps a steaming hot chocolate on cold Christmas eve.

          - For grownups, I leave a lovely wooden mug crafted from white pine from the Arctic. The elf boys are out chopping

          - For boys, I call my pals for favours. Perhaps Batman or Ms. Targaryen for the mugs this time. I remember giving these two their Christmas mugs. Time flies.

          -For girls, the princesses. I gift these darlings with royal mugs written upon with gold.  In the white of fresh snow. That will make them the Queen they are fit to become.


Extra: When you gift mugs, you stuff your personal recipes in them, so it doesn’t stay empty, 2020 deserves Santa’s hot chocolate recipe.


  1. Music in a box:

          What’s Christmas without merriment and music? Santa’s land has the best musicians. We set out into the earliest of mornings to collect the song of snowflakes and trap it in tiny wooden boxes. This is Rudolph’s favourite part of the day.

  • Not everyone can hear magpies singing in December. So the elfs and I box it in thousands and leave it on windowsills. It is the Merry Christmas Music Box.
  • When Hedwig visited, he left some of his tunes behind. One of the smarter elfs made a box out of it. Hedwig boxes are on Santa’s list this year.


  1. Light of the Fairies:

The brightest trees make me the happiest. I hate the small, plastic and extremely overpriced lights shops sell.

  • No one can have enough light. In their homes or their hearts. So this time, I am dropping fairy lights at every house. Original fairy lights glow brighter with the christmas spirit in the room. They are the pure magic of a fairy’s touch.

(Reminds me, should invite the arctic fairies over for dinner)


  1. Memory Trees:

 I am slightly bored of usual bejeweled trees.  Not all can afford those. CHRISTMAS IS ANYTHING BUT UNFAIR. You can always decorate them with photographs.

Fairy light clips to hold memories are Santa’s favorite this year. (Placing orders for a thousand of those this year)

Vacate old albums and clip them around the tree. No tree was ever better.


P.S: I am planning to pardon the mischievous kids this year.


And there you have it- Santa’s list! 2020 ain’t gonna stop Santa. He is gearing up to hit your chimneys. So are we! We have curated gifts inspired by his wisdom to make your Christmas quirkier. Check them out at A Merry Christmas to you fam!

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