Top 5 Gifts for Music Lovers

Is your friend one of those people that cannot stop humming? Do they whip out tailor-made playlists perfect for your road trips? You know they could starve without Swiggy coupons but would perish without Spotify premium. What do you gift such groovy-goofs? Or are you the groovy-goof? Read on to collect gifting ideas.

  1. Groovy Wireless Headphones With Bluetooth- No more tapping on the table as they listen to music. Unleash their bound spirits and let them roll. These cheap headphones come in fantastic colors and fun themes. Did we mention the in-built FM radio it comes with? This the perfect gift for him- the musical him.

  1. Vintage Music Boxes- Gift your friend their favorite pieces of music in little boxes. Sneak a peek at their top playlists and pick out of a variety of boxes available. It can be a timeless classic like La Vie En Rose or the goosebumps-evoking Star Wars theme music.

  1. Must-have Music Beanies: Bluetooth headphones might be too much for some cool folks. If your friend thinks he is too cool to wear headphones and scoffs about, gift him this Bluetooth beanie that would this flawlessly stylish and undeniably musical. 

  1. Music-themed Cards: Do not give a music lover your average gift cards. They shall smile painfully and hum a heart-break song. Get them a crafted pop-up card with a classic guitar in it. They shall love the simplicity and the musical gesture. 

  1. Inspired Air Pod cases: They are everywhere- these AirPod Arthurs. They seldom go anywhere without their precious AirPods. But it is well-known that, in a crowded bus, the air pods are the first to get lost. Save Arthurs from a public breakdown by gifting them these comfy, themed AirPod cases. 

Gifting a music-lover isn’t easy. They are a varied tribe, each as unique as the other. But these are a few fit-for-all-music-fanatics gifts. Get them one and watch them sing the happy tune. 

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