Valentine’s Day gifts are relished best with the right build-up.

Nothing was ever rapid in love. Remember the days when you stole a glance, swooned over a smirk, sweated as you stuttered your name, and finally gathered enough courage to propose a coffee date?  It is a slow sweetness that makes it extraordinary. Why should your Valentine’s Day be any different?

Here is a list of perfectly-timed gift ideas to set that lovely stage.


One month to go:

Start small. Little gifts are equivalent to subtle hints dropped with a smile. Lapel Pins are good candidates. They cost less and fit snugly into your beloved’s palms. The ‘Hug, Kiss, and Smile’ Lapel pin brooch make for trendy coupons of affection. Or check out these adorable Dog-face Lapel pins if she is a dog mom.

If both of you aren’t a fan of Lapel pins, bobble-head toys are a traditional alternative. Who wouldn’t love an adorable, bobbling reminder of a lover? There is a whole world of bobbleheads out there- from Messi-inspired ones to Marvel-themed wonders.

Hug Kiss Smile Lapel Pin Brooch (Set of 3)


2 weeks to go:

What is love without a little music and light? If you are hunting gifts for her,  purchase a soft, unicorn-inspired night lamp that she can look at and fall asleep to every night. Whereas, an Ironman 3D Hologram night lamp would be that cool, funky gift he always wanted.

Music boxes are little wooden crates of love. Choose a song that reminds you of your beloved and grab one of these treats. Our recommendation is a ‘La vie e rose’ (i.e, life through rose-colored glasses) music box. Written in the language of love, it is a mini Paris within a box.

If you are a modern couple, air pod holders are sensible candidates. Gift him a Pokeball Airpod case. Every boy has wanted it ever since he was cartoon-network kiddo. A pearl pink Starbucks AirPods case for your coffee-loving girlfriend, why not?


La Vie En Rose Music Box    

1 week to go:

This is a good time to reminisce the very essential hurdles you crossed together. Time to usher in the age-old romantic who will point to the moon and recite poems. Get them a moony lamp that sheds yellow light. Purchase a quirky, little notebook and write your heart out. It could be things you wanted to say/ never said. Or simply, all the things you like about them. You can mark your favorite pages with heart-shaped paperclips. They can read it by the moon and empty tissue boxes.


2 days to go:

The day is close. So close. You shall now to play your impressive move. Add a bit of celestial magic. Capture the stars the moment you met your beloved. A customized star map with your names and a crafted message is sure to melt hearts.

Customized Star Map - Virtual Gift With Message (No COD) 

There you go. Take our word, follow this timeline- your significant other shall be mushy, romantic, and ready to weep happy tears on Valentine’s Day!

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