When F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Meet Your Friends!

Friendship Day is just like any other regular day, but it is special to make your friend feel exceptional. Friends are those important gems in life who prove the saying, “can’t live with them, can’t live without”. There’s no better way to do so than getting them a quirky, classy gift. 27 years ago, FRIENDS came into our lives and taught us the importance of real friends. When one thinks of an ideal friends group, where they help one another, love each other, and promise to be there for one another no matter what, they think of the six of them. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe set some high standards for a girl gang. They had their differences but they were always trying to uplift each other. Ross, Chandler, and Joey with their witty humor cheered everyone else up. All of us have a part of FRIENDS in us and Jholu has created a list just for these types of friends. 



Monica, who loved to keep 11 types of towels and was a clean freak was also the mother of the group. She was high maintenance and used to get anxious if things weren’t “perfect”. All of us have a Monica in us, but a few friends but there are a few friends who are exactly like her. 

  • Remember how Monica made a “Wedding Planning Binder” to plan the perfect wedding? Just like her, we have some over-enthusiastic friends who make binders to plan birthdays too. To make them fancy and organized, the Heart-Shaped Paper Clip Set will be perfect. 

    Heart Shaped Paper Clip Set Of 10

  • Her apartment is a dream apartment for all the Monicas we know. Everything is exactly in place and even a tiny change causes havoc in her head. Her notepad beside the phone is a must and that makes an ideal gift too, a Unicorn Notepad Sticky Notes. It is versatile and useful. 

    Unicorn Notepad Sticky Notes



Phoebe is the epitome of quirky and crazy. Her sense of fashion is different yet classy. Everything about her is different and unique. She stands out of the crowd and so does our Phoebe-ic friend. Clearing your aura or running like no one’s watching, are one of their unique traits.

  • Quirky is our middle name and we have just a perfect gift for the Phoebes out there. Regular lapel pins are for those who are regular too. But the 2 Dudes Meme Lapel Pin Badge would be the most eccentric present ever. 

    2 Dudes Meme Lapel Pin Badge

  • Gladys, Phoebe’s famous painting is not something we can find but to compensate that a Dogs Best Friend Photo Frame for your best friend would be great. Remind them that you cherish them as much as Phoebe cherishes her sick voice.

    Dogs Best Friends Photo Frame


Well if you know a Rachel, we are sure that getting them a present they like is very difficult. The fear of them returning your gift to find something better always has a place in your head, rent-free. But, we have got you covered, for real. 

  • Rachel is a fashion icon, as we all know and so are our Rachels. They effortlessly just steal the show and look perfect. A Snitch Necklace and Bracelet Set would be a perfect addition to their collection. (10 points to your house if they are a Potterhead.)

    Snitch Necklace & Bracelet Set

  • Remember no uterus, no opinion? Yeah, never take a menstruator for granted or their uterus. To appreciate them, you can get them a Cuterus Lapel Pin Badge!

    Cuterus Lapel Pin Badge



Ross’ days start with a dull hi but eventually, we’ve seen he can be savage and can crack jokes that crack us up. Friends like him aren’t the coolest ones but they are the wittiest. They are factual and intellectual. (the secret is, they love vintage items. So read this as well: Vintage Gifts for 90s Lovers That Never Age)

  • The best naps are with the most unusual people, right? But not every Ross gets a Joey, for them the Crying Emoji Sleeping Mask is ideal. It is comfortable and will give them one long, good nap. 

    Crying Emoji Sleeping Mask

  • Remember how Ross and Rachel spent one of the best times of their lives under the stars? We have such memories with most of our friends and to gift them a part of that day, a Customized Star Map would make their smiles brighter than that night’s sky!

    Customized Star Map - Virtual Gift With Message (No COD)



Joey doesn’t share food! And all our foodie Joeys won’t ever share their gifts. For them, the tiniest effort means a lot. Being the charming ones, they get a lot of attention and love. 

  • They don’t have mood swings, they have food swings. What would be better than getting them a, but a few friends cute 3D Panda Mug, filling it with love (and the cheesiness here would suffice too)

    Cute 3D Panda Mug

  • You can always treat them to a pizza but you know, you can also get a forever Single Pizza Lapel Pin Badge. Yeah, it doesn’t (and it shouldn’t) taste the same, but it surely will make them smile. For their foodie side and your creative side can always have a little fun. 

    Single Pizza Lapel Pin Badge



Chan Chan Man, the sarcastic one. They are the class clowns or the ones who would do anything and everything to make you smile. They may not necessarily know what to advise, but can always interest you in a sarcastic comment. 

  • To instigate their funny side or to make them taste their own funny thing, get them a Send Noods Lapel Pin Badge. Punny lapel pins and Mrs. Chanandler Bong definitely will go hand in hand. 

    Send Noods Lapel Pin Badge

  • Most of the Chandlers in our friends are pretty much like the one in FRIENDS when it comes to their wardrobe and fashion. Maybe this gift can revamp that. A Neon LED Electroluminescent Bow Tie qualifies as a fashionable gift!

    Neon LED Electroluminiscent Bowtie


Friends are those chapters of life without whom the book feels incomplete. They’re those paragraphs that we highlight because they’re so important in every way possible. Friendship Day is just an excuse to show your forever friend how much you love them. FRIENDS will always be evergreen and so will be your friend and your friendship with them. So cheers to FRIENDS, both real and reel! 

Happy Friendship Day!

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