Cheap ways to decorate your room (2/2)

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With mood boards and palettes

Bedrooms are artboards. A personal canvas of walls and windows for you to design. They should reflect your heart and spirit. Here are more styles for you to read through, relate to and implement. Let’s go get the paint boxes!

 4. Soft/ Pastel Kawaii

This is the current cuteness sensation of Instagram. You are a cute person that surrounds yourself with things that are light and pleases the heart. It started out as a trend in Japan and has now entered every home worldwide.


Sweet colors of Eden and evening skies. Very picturesque like Flamingoes in a pond- All shades of hot pink, blue, aqua, and tan. Or you can choose more detailed shades like Mulberry, Taffy, Lemon, and Punch.


These elements should add to the soft/ versatile vibe

Plush and feathers: Soft fur and feathers exude tranquility. Opt for plush pillows and so-good-to-hug toys for your bed and nightstand. Some furry, warm indoor slippers to sit by the bed, why not?


Reversible Plushie Octopus Happy Angry

Textured Wallpapers: Pick two colors from the palette and incorporate them into your walls as a pattern.

  • You can make it spontaneously stripped/ floral. Better not geometric as they spell structure.
  • Don’t leave your walls blank, instead, go for plain, flowy curtains that compliment the baby blue sky outside.

Quirky Cartoon additions: Remember Hello Kitty?  She is the Kawai icon. However, we have modern alternatives. Opt for stickers that are borderline funny and cute. Check out our favorite Mr. Slothy sloth and Mr. Slotherin here.

  • You can incorporate detail in the smallest of things. Decorate your walls with small mirrors and metal surfaces with the cutest of fridge magnet sets.

    Llama Fridge Magnets (Set of 6)

5. Retro Vintage

Did you know Vintage is one of the cheapest and classiest styles? This style is for old souls. Seeking depth in choices. Somewhere inside, you know you belong to a different era. You go through days as if walking on a different plane. Why not make your bedroom the world you want to be in?



The vintage palette is known for evoking nostalgia. Muted versions of all primary colors work. To be more specific-

Yellow: Harvest Gold

Green: Kelly Green, Mint, Olive Green

Red: Dusty Rose, Dark Burgundy



These elements should add to the vintage vibe.

Elsewhere Element:

Vintage people are secret travel bugs (we know). Your travels are different. Thrift stores, cultural museums and, local eateries are your favorite (and unusual) haunts. A Vintage world map for your muted walls is a must.

Signature Piece:

Vintage rooms often have a center-piece. It could be an exotic lamp or dream catcher or an antique model. A hardcover book upon the ebony case.  However, all of them ought to be crafted to the finest detail. Quality over quantity. Always.


Blue Dream Catcher With LED Lights


From the bygone era of course. These are not standard pop culture art materials. These rooms usually have posters of bands from the past (i.e, beetle),  raw cinema, and maps. Here are some posters for you to check out.

       Positive Vibes Only Poster (Pink) 

3. Party funk

You got the energy to get any party going. You light up the room you enter without uttering a word. It’s a gala when you crack jokes and you got the moves to rule the dance floor. No room can match your energy, but let’s try, shall we?



The most luminescent, modern colors out there. Never basic, never dull. It is all pop. Electric purple, neon yellow, fluorescent green, and lava red.


These elements should transmit that energy and get the party rolling.

LED for life:

Your room must be iridescent. No incandescent tubes of old-fashioned bulbs. Opt for LED to line your walls. Put in LED details in your glasses, mirrors, and whatnot. Be smart and opt for the remote-controlled, color-changing smart bulb.

Solid Curtains and sheets:

Go for simple, solid-colored curtains and sheets to bring in uniformity. Don’t incorporate patterns unless it is funky. Else your room will be struck between modern and vintage.  Get Neon wires to drape your bed-frames for the out-of-the world look.

Cool stuff:

Cool, cheap stuff is your signature. Opt everything with a twist. Don’t get it? Choose this super-cool, multi-color DSLR hologram nightlamp  instead of colorful, mediocre ones.

 3D Love Shaped Neon Lamp

Tell us what your style is! Share with us your decoration ventures- they are wonderful tales in themselves. It is a stance to change your way of life. Who knew it was this easy and came this cheap? Go for it fam!



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