Celebrate Christmas The Jholmaal Way

The holiday season is around the corner and saying that we are excited would be an understatement. It is finally the season to be jolly fa la la la…  

It is going to be another year to this awful pandemic and yet another year of us cribbing about it. But that won’t and shouldn’t change the fact that you want to gift your loved ones a Jhola full of quirkiness and love. Christmas 2021 won’t be as amazing as the other ones because even when we have started adapting to the new normal, it is still difficult to meet our loved ones. To make it reach somewhere close to where it should be, we will put in all the efforts we can, starting with a magnificent list of gifts to choose from.

To read a list as if it is a grocery list can get boring, right? We have a lot of points of view that will just fit in for the holiday seasons, so here’s a list, the trendy way. 

Gifts for the child in YOU!

Reliving childhood is a gift in itself. Gifts for boyfriend. Gifts for girlfriend. Nope, gift yourself first. What better than a burst of nostalgia within gift hampers? Check out these cool gifts and gifting ideas.

List Of Gift Ideas For A Loyal Libra

Libra, the Air sign. They’re governed by Venus and their birthdays fall between September 23rd and October 22nd. They’re very compassionate, focused, and receptive. Libras are generally the most interesting people to be around. They’re clever and know their way out. They can be super indecisive so that’s when you definitely can come to their help. Just like their symbol, Libras crave balance. F...

Gift Yourself A Jhola Full Of Self Love

Look around yourself, how the world is running so fast. In the hustle and bustle, you’ve forgotten to relax and to give yourself some rest. Slow down a little, these past years haven’t treated us well but you can, right? Give yourself the much-needed break. In an ideal situation, we’d have recommended you a list of places you can visit to relax. But considering the current scenario, we would prioritize you and your health. Your wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. Jholu has curated a list that allows you to choose from a wide range of products that will lower your anxiety levels and increase dopamine (the happy hormone) secretion. 

Magical Gifts For Unicorn Lovers

Unicorns, mystical and magical creatures. Yeah, they’re believed to not exist and are mere imaginations of certain people but is it really? A part of us believes in magic and it may sound irrational to a few but not to the ones who truly believe in such occult! We have friends who are crazy for such magical creatures and magic-related kinds of stuff. Magic needn’t be spells and wands, it is beyond that, unicorn lovers will relate. Not just the symbol of magic but grace. That’s what a unicorn symbolizes, grace and purity. They’re such majestic creatures and taking your eyes off them isn’t the easiest thing to do. For friends who are always left in awe when they talk of unicorns, we have a list of magical gifts in store. 

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